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Air hostess jobs

Air hostess jobs, or frequently called cabin crew jobs, are some of the most sought after jobs at Heathrow Airport. The demand for air hostesses is always lower than the number of people applying for the job. Nevertheless, you do have a decent change in getting one of the air hostess jobs, especially when you prepare yourself with air hostess training. ...

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Part time job vacancies

If you want to work at Heathrow Airport, but can’t work a full time week, you’ll be glad to know there are a lot of part time job vacancies. You will find more information about part time jobs at Heathrow here at this site, but there are part time job vacancies available for airline jobs, customer service, security and passenger service. Or what to think of a part time jobs on the airport ramp, or in logist ...

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Customer service vacancies

Customer service can make or break a company these days. Therefore, customer service jobs are more respected and better rewarded than they used to be. And there are a lot of customer service vacancies available, both at an airline company, or at one of the outsourcing companies operating at Heathrow Airport. It is not one of the easiest jobs, since things can become really stressful when something goes wron ...

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Air traffic controller vacancies

Becoming an air traffic controller isn’t an easy task, but once you get in you will be very well rewarded. The job can be really stressful sometimes, but it gives you an opportunity to play an very important role in air traffic safety. You won’t be working directly for Heathrow Airport, but there are around 55 air traffic controllers stationed in the air traffic control tower at Heathrow. The company you wo ...

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Pilot vacancies

Airline companies have two ways of filling in their pilot vacancies. The first option is by recruiting students, and training them to become a pilot. The second option is recruiting pilot from other airline companies or private plane companies. On this page you will find a collection of pilot vacancies, mostly for already experienced pilots. Most of the times you will end up flying directly for an airline c ...

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Passenger service agent vacancies

If you are applying for passenger service agent vacancies and get accepted, you won’t be flying for a living. A passenger service agent (PSA) works on the ground, and is as important to a passenger on the floor, and the cabin crew is in the air. Your duties will involve working at the ticket counter selling tickets, checking in passengers, or help boarding the aircraft. You will also be the first person peo ...

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