What does Matthew C. Martino actually do in Manchester ?

We couldn’t help but notice our most promising high society bachelor has been spending a lot of time in Manchester and Northern parts of England in recent times and the question that springs to mind is why ?
Britains Youngest Philanthropist Matthew C. Martino is due to fly into Manchester on Thursday 3rd of March where he will attend Manchester Film Festival which his charity MMBF Trust supports after which he is expected in Wigan, Bolton & Leeds on Friday on philanthropic duties.

Matthew C. Martino
Matthew C. Martino

The second edition of ManIFF is expanding to become a truly citywide event with screenings again at AMC Cinema as well as expanding to new venue HOME and The Odeon, as well as hosting screenings and immersive experiences and parties at the Old Granada Studios and workshops and networking events and the Greater Manchester Chamber of commerce, the Victoria and Albert Hotel and Manchester235 casino. All taking place between March 3rd and March 6th 2016.
In its first year ManIFF gave not one but two 2016 oscar contenders their UK premieres, proving this is an international festival that has the know how, ambition and means to be a future world leader within the film festival community.
Kicking off the 2016 edition on Thursday 3rd March is the international premiere of sports documentary Dennis Viollet – A United Man, which will screen as the Opening Night Gala feature at HOME.
So on this occasion the 23year old Lets Fly author has a valid work reason for his trips although records and social media postings show Martino has visited Manchester 4 times since the new year, his shortest visit lasting a mere 2hours.
Martino’s rep confirmed his latest jolly saying “I am pleased to announce that Matthew will be in Manchester next week to attend the Manchester Film Festival were he will present a film funding workshop and also attending the opening night proceedings on Thursday. Matthew is also expected to attend an arts day in Leeds plus meet charity chiefs in Wigan during his two day trip.”
“It’s fair to mention that our client has had a difficult start to the year but we continue to provide him with all the necessary support”
Rumours are hot that Martino is dating the daughter of a northern Member Of Parliament. Martino has never been one far off from the political ranks and is thought to be ‘head over heels’ with the Northern lass who will become the most powerful woman in Vernon House where Martino’s MMBF is headquartered.
The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based international charity that supports filmmakers, actors and individuals studying or working in performing arts worldwide through training grants and scholarships, funding for first time filmmakers and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies. We also support aviation students and aspiring pilots with support towards their fees costs, training material and medical costs.
Martino himself when quizzed on the trips during his traditionally weekly interview sidelined the questions instead highlighting the ‘dire need of arts funding in the north to diversify talent and opportunities’

DHL Aviation Jobs

DHL Aviation is not really an airline, but it is a collection of airlines and its main focus differs from that of a regular air transport company. It is a global leader in the provision of international air freight services. As a result of this, DHL Aviation jobs may exclude certain positions you would ordinarily expect in a passenger airline, while emphasis will be on some other types of jobs. In this piece, you will find background information on DHL Aviation and sample jobs you could get in the company.

Background Information

DHL Aviation is the air transport division of DHL Express, which itself is a division of the German company Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s largest logistics company. DHL Express was founded in 1969 as a document delivery service between San Francisco and Honolulu. Its creation is attributed to Larry HillBlom, who had previously performed courier duty while studying at the Boalt Hall School of Law of University of California, Berkeley. After graduation, he teamed up with friends Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn to start the company, whose name was derived from the initials of their last names.
In only a few years, the company expanded and was soon offering international delivery services by the 1970s. It became the only logistics company in the country offering overnight service. DHL grew to become the third largest courier company in the US, trailing only FedEx and UPS. Deutsche Post took interest in the promising company and started acquiring shares in it from 1998. The leading German logistics company became the majority owner of DHL three years later before finalising total take over in 2002. DHL global headquarters are part of the Bonn headquarters of Deutsche Post.

Airlines and Fleet

Deutsche Post has five main airline subsidiaries devoted to DHL Express – these are collectively known as DHL Aviation. The airlines are: Blue Dart Aviation (for destinations in India), DHL Aero Expresso (for Central and South America destinations), DHL Air UK (for European destinations), European Air Transport Leipzig (also for European destinations) and SNAS/DHL (for destinations in the Middle East). In addition to these, there are several other smaller airlines owned by the company, including Aero Express Del Ecuador, Aerologic and DHL de Guatemala.
DHL Aviation boasts a fleet of about 120 aircraft. The fleet comprises Airbus, Boeing and Tupolev aircraft. Significant numbers of the planes used by the logistics air transport company are Airbus A300-600RFs, Boeing 757-200Fs and Boeing 777Fs. A number of aircraft are also on order, which probably means more DHL Aviation jobs becoming available when they are eventually delivered.

DHL Aviation Careers
DHL Express, of which DHL Aviation is a part, is one of the top employers around the globe. It has about 325,000 employees on its pay roll across the world; almost 20,000 of these are in the United Kingdom. A sizeable number of these are DHL Aviation jobs as well. Pilots constitute a sizeable portion of total employees, since we are talking about air transport here. But, there are several other less-technical positions as well. Here are a few samples of popular, less-technical DHL Aviation jobs:
Export agent – This position requires holder to perform duties such as computation of weight, volume, duties and tariffs as well as examination of different documents, including bills of lading, invoices and shipping statements. An export agent has to ensure compliance with established regulations. It is one of those DHL Aviation jobs which require only a high school qualification.
Ramp operations agent – You need to be physically fit to work in this role. This is because the job of a ramp operations agent involves frequent lifting and can be physically demanding. You will be working to ensure timely processing of materials for pickup, loading, transit and unloading, amongst other tasks. You need to be at least 18 years and able to lift 50 pounds material regularly and 70 pounds once in a while. The job of a ramp operations involve standing for long periods as well.
Payable clerk – In this role, your duties will include processing of vendor invoices and performance of invoice quality checks. A payable clerk submits invoices for approval and escalates issues to relevant departments. You will also be producing monthly reports and assist with month-end closing. However, this is among DHL Aviation jobs that requires a university degree to apply.
There are several other DHL Aviation jobs which may find on job boards such as that on our partner site Airport Career. These include:
* Quality control specialist
* Entry writer
* Engineer
* Courier driver
* Operations admin clerk
* Flight dispatcher
* Finance administrator
* Airline control centre manager
* Operations control manager
If you are a student or graduate, you could also get internship opportunities at DHL Aviation to boost your chances for a successful and rewarding career in the aviation industry. DHL has an online learning portal where you can tap into soft skills training, management method exposure and language classes, to mention a few. The company claims to encourage cultural diversity to enable you blend in easily, regardless of your racial background. And to ensure satisfaction on DHL Aviation jobs, the company carries out an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) to give employees a platform to let management know where improvement is needed.

Salaries and Benefits

DHL Aviation jobs come with attractive salaries – ones that compare relatively well against what you could hope to earn elsewhere. Given cost of training, pilots understandably make the most amounts in salaries – up to £110,000 or more a year, depending on years of experience. You should expect lower, but competitive, salary for less-technical roles. A warehouse/stores operative earns about £9 per hour while a warehouse team leader makes between £16,000 and £18,000 in salary per year. A finance co-ordinator earns around £23,000 to £25,000 a year. Senior-level positions come with significantly higher pay.
There are also some benefits to be enjoyed when working on DHL Aviation jobs. These include a bikes-for-work scheme, childcare vouchers and other retail discounts. An online benefits portal launched in 2014 brings all benefits available to people working on DHL Aviation jobs together in one place to make them easier to access. You can not only buy discounted gift vouchers, but also enjoy cash-back on your purchases. Many people who have worked on DHL Aviation jobs had something positive to say about the experience.

Miscellaneous Facts about DHL Aviation/Express

In the UK, DHL Aviation is located in Hounslow, Middlesex. It boasts an expansive storage space at the Heathrow Cargo Centre, which is also referred to as ‘The Horseshoe.’ Before 2012, it occupied 100,250 square feet of space at the Heathrow Airport cargo facility. It then leased an extra 81,054 square feet more from the Airport Property Partnership (APP) in that year to almost double the area it has for transit cargo.
DHL operations are carried out in more than 150 countries across the world. Its services are also available to people in certain countries on which the U.S. government has placed an embargo, including Myanmar, Iraq and Afghanistan, since it now belongs to a German company. DHL is the sole provider used by USPS for transfer of mail to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. It will also ship to both North Korea and Cuba. However, because it is no longer considered an American business, the logistics company is no longer allowed to operate domestic flights between airports in the U.S., so it does this through partnerships with other airlines.
DHL has sponsorship agreements with several individuals and organisations. It has been the sponsor of Ryan Hunter-Reay’s car in the IndyCar Series since 2011. In August 2011, a four-year deal that made the company the first sponsor of Manchester United football club training kit was announced – considered the first time English football witnessed a training kit sponsorship. There is also a six-year sponsorship deal with German football giants FC Bayern Munich. The company is a major sponsor of Surf Life Saving Australia. It also sponsored Team Penske Porsche RS Spyder racing cars in the IMSA American Le Mans Series for several years.
If you will love to explore opportunities available at DHL Aviation, you should check out the expansive job board on the Airport Career website to see if you can find something suitable. DHL Aviation jobs are posted on the job board as they become available along with job descriptions, training requirements and salary information. You need to make sure to check the board regularly so that you never miss out on any interesting openings in the company.

Qatar Airlines Jobs

Qatar Airways is a relatively new airline in comparison to rivals such as American Airlines, Delta Airlines and United Airlines. But in spite of that fact, it ranks somewhere among the leading airlines across the world today. The state-owned carrier is a good one to consider by anyone interested in a well-paid career in the aviation industry. You will find in this post all you need to know about Qatar Airways and Qatar Airlines jobs.

Qatar Airways Overview

Established in November 1993, Qatar Airways has only been in the air travel business for just a little over two decades. The airline commenced operations in January 1994 and operated with a fleet comprising two Airbus A310 aircraft in the early years. In 1995, it acquired two Boeing 747s formerly belonging to All Nippon Airways and then a second-hand Boeing 747SP aircraft a year later from Air Mauritius. While it had to rely to an extent on acquisitions of second-hand planes in the early years, Qatar Airways now rely on newly acquired aircraft for its flight operations.
The airline is owned by the government of the state of Qatar and is headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in the capital city of Doha. The ownership was taken over by the state government when it bought out the remaining 50 percent stake in 2013. Qatar Airways became a member of the Oneworld Alliance in October 2013, making it the first airline from the Gulf to join any of the three leading airline alliances. The company’s chief executive officer Akbar Al Baker, who has been in the position since 1996, is a board member of the London Heathrow Airport.
The Qatar flag carrier has several subsidiaries, together with which it creates numerous thousands of openings, making a good case for Qatar Airlines jobs. These subsidiaries include Qatar Airways Holidays, Qatar Duty Free, Qatar Aviation Services and Qatar Distribution Company.

Destinations and Fleet

Qatar Airways operates flights to all six inhabited continents, namely: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. The total destinations served by the airline are currently around 150. From time to time, it adds new destinations – something that could rub off positively on the number of available Qatar Airlines jobs. The airline has launched about two dozens of new destinations since 2010 with several more announced to be on the way. In September 2015, a deal with the Australian government that will enable the airline operate 21 extra flights on the Australian route was revealed.
The fleet of this state-owned carrier comprises about 160 aircraft manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. The main aircraft in the fleet include Airbus A320-200s, Airbus A330-200s, Boeing 777-300ERs and Boeing 787-8s. In addition to its relatively large fleet size, Qatar Airways has a total aircraft orders exceeding the count of aircraft currently in service – that is a good thing when you put availability of Qatar Airlines jobs in perspective. It was a launch customer for the Airbus A350 XWB. As recent as June 2015, the airline placed order for 10 Boeing 777-8X and four Boeing 777F aircraft.

Careers at Qatar Airways

You cannot be wrong by checking this Qatari airline out when interested in an aviation industry career, considering the vast number of people employed on Qatar Airlines jobs. The Qatar Airways Group is said to have more than 31,000 employees on its payroll, with the airline accounting for almost two-third of the total number. Apart from pilot jobs, the following are few of the popular Qatar Airlines jobs you can expect to come across on an airport job board, such as the one on our partner website Airport Career.
Cabin crew – Also known as flight attendant jobs, these jobs are best suited to those who desire having the opportunity of visiting numerous countries for free without needing to be a pilot. Qatar Airways cabin crew is not ordinary; it is an award-winning team. Members of the team are integral to the airline’s goal of remaining a truly world-class global airline brand and, as such, you need great customer service skills to fit in perfectly in the role. You need to have, at least, completed high school education and be a minimum of 21 years old to apply.
Reservations and ticketing Agent – Someone working in this capacity is expected to provide service-oriented reservations and ticketing service to customers. This duty may be done in person or over the phone. Good customer service and phone use skills are required to do well in this role. High school diploma is sufficient enough qualification to land this job.
Cargo operations agent – As the title suggests, this job requires you to perform cargo operations and customer service functions. You will be helping your assigned station achieve set cargo targets. High school qualification is the minimum required to apply for this role.
There are numerous other types of Qatar Airlines jobs you may come across when conducting searches for them. These include:
* Sales support agent
* Maintenance assistant
* Marketing specialist
* Procurement officer
* Secretary
* Aircraft structure engineer
* Technical data officer
* Project manager
* Finance assistant
* HR assistant
* Business analyst
One thing you might have observed from the Qatar Airlines jobs mentioned so far is that they cut across different areas. These include engineering, sales, operations, human resources and marketing, amongst others. This is to tell you that there is every possibility of finding an opening suitable to your person from these Qatar Airlines jobs no matter your level of skills.

Salaries and Benefits

Salaries which people working on Qatar Airlines jobs stand to get compare well against the industry average. As is the case in any corporate environment, technical expertise – or lack of need for such – will determine how much you earn. For example, while a senior reservation agent may earn around £19,000 in salary, a regional direct sales manager could make between £60,000 and £65,000. A Qatar Airways pilot earns a higher salary by comparison. Also, the amount you earn on Qatar Airlines jobs increases as you are promoted. As a cabin crew member, for instance, you could earn around €735 monthly during your probation period and up to about €2700 as a cabin senior director.
Qatar Airways provides several benefits and privileges to go with whatever amount you earn in salary. Those working on Qatar Airlines jobs get to enjoy comprehensive health coverage that takes care of any medical issues that may want to compromise their quality of life. Some positions give you access to free accommodation as well as free transport to and from work. Employees enjoy discounted fares when travelling for vacation or other reasons on Qatar Airways and partner airlines. There is also life insurance to ensure your loved ones will be well taken care of if anything ever happens to you on the job. If you will stand to get these sorts of benefits, why won’t you consider Qatar Airlines jobs?

Interesting Qatar Airways Facts

This airline is a pacesetter, in its own way, especially in the Middle East. Qatar Airways was the first in the Middle East to take delivery of the twin-engine jet airliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the seventh among carriers across the globe to do so. In October 2009, it became the first airline in the world to operate a commercial flight – from London Gatwick Airport to Doha – using a fuel derived from natural gas, which is abundant in supply in Qatar.
Qatar Airways initially had its base at Doha International Airport before moving to Hamad International Airport in 2014. The new hub was constructed with the arrival of the state carrier’s first A380 aircraft in mind, with six special contact gates included. The airline’s hangar at the airport is arguably the biggest in the world with its capability to house two A380 super jumbo aircraft at the same time.
If you are looking for another reason to take Qatar Airlines jobs seriously, here is another: it has been awarded several times as the world’s best. In 2015, Qatar Airways was named the world’s best airline by passengers for the third time at the Skytrax World Airline Awards. So you will be working for a world-leading company when offered any of the available Qatar Airlines jobs.
Qatar Airways operates out of Terminal 4 at London Heathrow Airport. It has a Premium Lounge there to offer passengers royal treatment, and you may be able to tap into this if you happen to work around here. The exquisite Heathrow lounge, which is the first of such by Qatar Airways outside its home country, offers first-class treatment to both First Class and Business travellers with finest of dining experience. The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge offers several other services and facilities, including a fully-equipped business centre, complimentary Wi-Fi access and wide selection of newspapers (both local and international).

Find a Qatar Airways Job

You need to get your search underway immediately if a career with Qatar Airways sounds attractive to you. The truth is that you are not the only individual interested in Qatar Airlines jobs and openings may not stay open for long. You will find the Airport Jobs board on the site Airport Career quite helpful in your search for a job at Qatar Airways, as it not only provides information on openings but also on salary and job requirements, amongst others.

Singapore Airlines Jobs

Singapore Airlines is an international airline and one of the world’s leading airlines when talking about revenue passenger kilometres. It is also one of the best-capitalised carriers across the globe. I may be right by saying you are reading this piece because you are interested in a career with this organisation. You will find here useful information on Singapore Airlines jobs and about the airline itself. Hope this helps.

What’s to know about Singapore Airlines?

The history of Singapore Airlines started in May 1947 when Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) was incorporated. The maiden flight of the airline was a chartered flight conducted between the British Straits Settlement of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur using a twin-engine Airspeed Consul aircraft. The Singapore Airlines forerunner quickly grew and, in less than 10 years, had a significant fleet comprising mostly Douglas DC-3 aircraft. In 1957, it became a public company. The airline had its name changed to Malaysian Airways with the formation of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963; again, to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1966 when Singapore separated from the federation. A disagreement over route expansion led to cessation of MSA operations in 1972 and to the creation of Singapore Airlines as a single entity.
Based at Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines has a strong presence in Asia and is one of the leading airlines in the region. It is the flag carrier of Singapore, where it is considered a national symbol. The airline ranks in the top 15 among carriers around the globe in terms of revenue passenger kilometres and in the top 10 when it comes to the number of international passengers carried. The Singaporean government, through investment company Temasek Holdings, controls the largest stake in the airline, but it is supposedly not involved in its management. The company was announced in December 2010 as the second best-capitalised airline in the world – a good sign that Singapore Airlines jobs may well be worth giving special attention.

Fleet and Destinations

Singapore Airlines boasts a fleet of more than 100 aircraft. The fleet comprises wide-body aircraft from Airbus A330, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft families. In total, the fleet was 108 aircraft strong as at August 2015. For those looking for flight-related Singapore Airlines jobs, these positions would be made more interesting by the fact that this leading Asian airline has a policy of renewing its fleet from time to time, thus ensuring enhanced safety.
Flights are operated by Singapore Airlines to about 64 destinations scattered across 35 countries on six continents. The airline’s presence is especially significant in Southeast Asia, connecting Singapore to more international destinations than any of its rival in the region. It also plays a key road on the Kangaroo Route to Australia. Codeshare agreements give Singapore Airlines access to more destinations than it route structure ordinarily covers. Codeshare partners include US Airways, JetBlue Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Singapore Airlines Careers

There are several thousands of Singapore Airlines jobs available. As at 2014, this internationally-recognised airline had almost 24,000 employees on its payroll. These Singapore Airlines jobs could make for really exciting and rewarding careers since the company realises that its success has been made possible through the efforts of people working for it, meaning further success will be determined by future employees. It may be safe to assume that these jobs come with great salaries and exciting benefits based on this reality.
Singapore Airlines jobs are not restricted to highly technical roles, but they vary so much that people of virtually all levels of skills can qualify to find one. Below are some of the most popular openings that can be found at any time.
Pilot – The existence of an airline is practically impossible without pilots. This job is arguably the most important among all Singapore Airlines jobs. The main duty of pilots is to fly aircraft to assigned destinations safely. In addition, they have to ensure that weather conditions are favourable before embarking on a flight. Advanced training is required to work as a pilot.
Cabin crew – People working as part of a cabin crew have the duty of ensuring the wellbeing of passengers while on board. This job is one of the most glamorous Singapore Airlines jobs offering you opportunity to visit many great locations across the globe with no extra money coming out of your pocket. Great customer service skills are required to thrive in this position, though.
Customer service agent – From time to time, passengers or customers have a question or two to ask about their flights and other airline services. Who do they go to? Customer service agents. These employees are trained to provide answers to whatever questions passengers might have. They provide information on departures and arrivals, amongst others.
There are numerous other ground-based Singapore Airlines jobs available. You can join as a specialist or, if you are an inexperienced graduate, as a generalist. Under the SIA Executives Programme (SEP), you will be able to work in different divisions of the airline as a generalist to gain experience in diverse areas – this may be useful if you ever need a career change. The Asian airline advises those interested in Singapore Airlines jobs to be on the lookout for new openings every March and October.
If you desire a job that holds a promise of career advancement, one of Singapore Airlines jobs might just be worth considering. The airline says it believes in helping its employees attain their full potential and, to this end, offers a wide array of learning and development opportunities. These include site visits, exposure attachments and general management and leadership programmes. You are assigned a mentor in your first year on the job to help you adapt faster and guide you up the ladder. Singapore Airlines says it sets aside more than $125 million a year on training of employees to equip them with better competence.

Salaries and Benefits

The salaries that come with Singapore Airlines jobs are attractive, but may not be the best that can be obtained in the aviation industry. However, the benefits that are offered for these jobs will probably more than make up for the rather average pay. Some people who have worked on Singapore Airlines jobs in the past have spoken well about these benefits, which include travel benefits as well as medical and dental care. This is not to forget the fact that these jobs, especially cabin crew jobs and those that require interacting with passengers, offers you opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. They also enable you learn new cultures.

Facts about Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines operate out of Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport. The £2.5-billion terminal was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 23 June 2014 – this very likely explained why the terminal is known as ‘The Queen’s Terminal.’ The new terminal building replaced the first passenger terminal of the same name built back in 1955 and was fitted with state-of-the-art technology for the best of passenger experience.
The airline offers a great in-flight entertainment system known as KrisWorld on some of its Airbus and Boeing aircraft. At its introduction in 1997, the entertainment system beat out similar offerings by some rival airlines. The in-flight entertainment system has been upgraded over the years, with personal TVs now offered in all classes of the airline’s aircraft – Singapore Airlines is one of just few airlines across the world that can boast of this.
Singapore Airlines was a launch customer of the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. This aircraft is among those in the airline’s fleet that boasts the latest KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system – the others being the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ER. The Airbus A380 aircraft family is the only one with Singapore Airlines Suites, a class for luxury-conscious passengers.
When looking to work with a prestigious organisation, Singapore Airlines might just fit the bill. It was named the most attractive employer in its home country for a third consecutive year in 2014. The honour was presented at the Randstad Awards, which recognises companies that people in Singapore would love to work for. With the feat of three straight awards as the most attractive employer, the airline was inducted into the Randstad Award Hall of Fame.

Starting a Career at Singapore Airlines

If a career with this leading Asian airline sounds attractive to you, then you need to get your search underway immediately. It is a good idea to first know the different jobs you can get at Singapore Airlines – some of which we have already discussed about earlier – as well as the sort or level of training that will be required to fit in the role. You will find our partner website Airport Career useful in your search. On that site, which has an expansive job board, you can find all the information you need on available Singapore Airlines jobs. You will be able to learn what individual jobs entail as well as their requirements. In addition, salary information for these jobs can also be accessed.
In order not miss out on any interesting opening at Singapore Airlines, you will do well to check the job board frequently. The vacant positions do not stay open for long.

Air Canada Airlines Jobs

Are you currently looking for a career with Air Canada? If you answered yes then read on to find out more about this Canadian airline and Air Canada airlines jobs.

About Air Canada

Code named AC by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Air Canada has its origin traced back to 1936 when federal legislation created its predecessor Trans-Canada Airlines as a subsidiary of Canadian National Railway. To get the airline running, two Lockheed Model 10 Electra planes and a Boeing Stearman biplane were acquired from Canadian Airways while experienced executives were brought in from American Airlines and United Airlines. Passenger flight operations began in September 1937. The name of the airline was eventually changed to Air Canada, effective from January 1965.
Originally headquartered in Winnipeg, Air Canada had its corporate headquarters moved by Canada’s federal government to Montreal in 1949. It is today the flag carrier of Canada and the largest airline in the country. Air Canada has its largest hub at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario. It is one of the leading airlines in the world. In January 2000, it took control of its biggest local rival Canadian Airlines, but was forced to file for bankruptcy three years later. It re-emerged under the holding company ACE Aviation Holdings in 2004 and bought back all its shares from the company in 2012. The airline has emerged stronger from the troubled years, making Air Canada airlines jobs more attractive.
Air Canada boasts an expansive route network. It flies to about 180 destinations across the globe. The destinations are located in around 46 countries spread across five continents, including North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. These destinations include Paris, London, Copenhagen, Brisbane, Christchurch, Melbourne, Wellington, Mexico City, Cozumel, Beijing and Tokyo.

Some Air Canada Airlines Jobs

Air Canada ranks somewhere among the leading employers in the world. It was reported to have about 27,000 on its payroll in 2013 – quite awesome and a good reason to check out Air Canada Airlines Jobs. If you are in the United Kingdom, you can also work with this Canadian airline. It maintains presence at the respected London Heathrow Airport, where it operates out of Terminal 2.
An average airline requires people of diverse skills to work with it to get things moving smoothly. You probably know already that airline pilot jobs are arguably the best-paid in the civil air travel industry, but extensive and costly training is usually required to work as a pilot due to the highly technical nature of the job. Another one among the popular Air Canada Airlines Jobs is that of a cabin crew member, which requires you to see to the safety and wellbeing of passengers while onboard a flight. However, if you think you do not have the technical expertise or qualities to work as a pilot or an air hostess, there are still several other Air Canada Airlines jobs from which you can still find something more fitting. Here are a few:
Station attendant – An individual working in this role is part of Air Canada’s ground handling team. You should be ready to work in all weather conditions if you want to succeed as a station attendant. Duties range from baggage and freight handling to operation of a variety of vehicles, including loading equipment. You mainly need to be physically fit and be able to operate vehicles to work in this position.
Airport agent – If you are able to relate with people very well, the job of an airport agent is one of the Air Canada Airlines jobs that may be ideal for you. The job involves helping passengers out with issues they might be faced with as well as providing helpful information on flights.
Call centre agent – This is another customer-focused position. It is the responsibility of call centre agents to attend to different inbound and outbound requests by customers in a timely factor. They handle reservations and promote products and services offered by Air Canada. You need great communication and interpersonal skills as well as good problem-solving skills and ability to work in a fast-paced environment to thrive in this role.
You can find the above jobs on an all-embracing job board on our partner website Airport Career. There are several other Air Canada Airlines jobs that you may come across, including the following:
* Aircraft cleaner
* Passenger lead accounts clerk
* Air cargo trainer
* Sales manager
* Administrative support
* Sales representative
* System technician
* Operations manager
* Fleet business analyst
* Guest services assistant
* Accountant
Obviously, Air Canada Airlines jobs are not all very technical. You might just find some openings that you are qualified to apply for no matter your level of skills or education. Named among the top 15 employers in Montreal in 2008, Air Canada looks like a company any person will enjoy working with.

Air Canada Airlines jobs – Benefits and Rewards

A career with Air Canada comes with a competitive salary, complemented by several attractive benefits and privileges. The airline offers a flexible insurance plan which individual employee can modify in line with their needs. Air Canada Airlines jobs give holders access to one of the most-generous employee travel programs in the air transport industry, with reduced airfare rates provided to not only employees but their immediate family members as well. The airline also offers a decent vacation policy with its partners also offering those working on Air Canada Airlines jobs discounted hotel accommodation and car rental rates as well as budget-friendly vacation packages. Air Canada says these benefits and rewards may vary from place to place, which means what is obtainable in Canada might not be at London Heathrow Airport, for example.

Interesting Facts about Air Canada

Air Canada boasts an impressive fleet comprising of around 175 mainline aircraft. It is described as the ninth-largest passenger airline in the world, by fleet size. The fleet includes Boeing 767, Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and Airbus A330 wide-body aircraft that are used on long-haul routes. Airbus A320 family, which includes the A319, A320 and A321 aircraft, as well as Embraer E190 family is used on short-haul routes. Another thing that makes Air Canada Airlines jobs worthy of consideration is that new aircraft is added to this large fleet from time to time – more than 90 aircraft orders have been placed at this time.
The airline has several firsts to its name. It was supposedly the world’s first airline to make use of a computer reservation system with remote terminals, with the 1953 development of the ReserVec. Air Canada, in December 1987, became the first airline in the world to have a fleet-wide non-smoking policy. It was also one of the first airlines in the world with an entire fleet of unpressurised planes having fixed oxygen systems for both flight crew and passengers. In addition, the airline claimed to be the first major carrier to adopt turbine technology on its entire fleet and also the world’s first airline with a jet freighter service using DC-8 aircraft. Sounds like an interesting place to work, right?
Air Canada has several subsidiaries, including Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Vacations Air Canada Express and Air Canada Jetz. Air Canada Cargo is the cargo division of the company servicing over 150 shipping destinations. Air Canada Vacations, a repeat Consumer’s Choice Award for Best Travel Wholesaler honour recipient, is a tour operator which provides leisure travel services such as cruises, tours, excursions and car rentals to and in popular destinations in the Caribbean, Mexico and across several continents.
When working on one of the Air Canada Airlines jobs at London Heathrow Airport, you are provided opportunity to tap into the world-class facilities that are on ground. For example, you can take advantage of the Wi-Fi service that is available throughout the facility to get some things done online or download heavy files. There are also many great places around where you can catch something nice to eat or drink. If shopping happens to be your favourite pastime, there are enough places where you can get into the act around Heathrow Airport as well.

Find an Air Canada Job

Air Canada is a good airline to work for and one to consider by anyone interested in a career with an airline operating out of Heathrow Airport. A visit to the job board on Airport Career website will give you a better idea of which of the available Air Canada Airlines jobs you can secure for yourself. In addition to job descriptions, you will find additional information on salary and required training, amongst others. It is advisable to check the job board regularly so you never miss a thing. Many people seek to work with an airline of this standing so it does not take long for openings to get filled which is why you need to be checking for them frequently.

Heathrow Departures

It is usually a busy affair down at London Heathrow Airport. To this end, anybody looking to travel from here needs to have all pieces of information at hand to make things less stressful. You may find the information presented in this piece quite helpful when it comes to Heathrow departures.

About the airport

Heathrow Airport is a prominent international airport located in the western section of London, England. It is the busiest air travel facility in both the United Kingdom and entire Europe. It is also considered among the busiest airports in the world. The airport, which is owned and managed by Heathrow Airport Holdings, serves about 180 destinations across the world, making it a major global travel hub. It handled record passenger traffic of 73.4 million in 2014.
Heathrow has four operational terminals (2 to 5) used by passenger and it is important you know where your airline operates from for stress-free Heathrow departures. Terminal 1, which was opened back in 1968, was closed in June 2015 and is scheduled for demolition. The first terminal was the base of British Airways before the opening of Terminal 5 in 2008.


As previously stated, it is important to know the terminal used by any airline you are using for a journey to ensure seamless Heathrow departures. Terminal 2 is used by Star Alliance member airlines – except Air India – and few others such as Germanwings and Aer Lingus. Oneworld and SkyTeam Alliance members use Terminal 3 and 4 respectively, along with some other airlines. Terminal 5 plays host to British Airways and Iberia.
You can visit the Heathrow departures page to check information on flight times and destinations. On that web page, you will be able to see what terminal your airline operates from. Heathrow departures information can be sorted using different criteria, including date.

Important considerations when travelling

Heathrow Airport is easily accessible via road and rail. If you will be going to the facility in your car, it is advisable to make parking provision well ahead of time. Failure to do this means you will have to contend with paying a significantly higher amount to get a place to park when you reach the airport.
You will also do well to get information on baggage allowances from the airline you are using in advance. Hand luggage size limit for most airlines operating at Heathrow is 56 x 45 x 25 cm. Sharp objects such as razor blades, knives, scissors, syringes and needles are not allowed in luggage. Liquid containers with a capacity greater than 100 ml are not allowed. Permitted containers need to be kept in a transparent, re-sealable bag for security examination.
To prevent the likelihood of missing your flight, it is recommended that you arrive on time at the right terminal. The UK Government has heightened security at airports, so additional screening may be carried out on passengers. Early arrival at Heathrow allows ample time for the screening.
You should try to arrive about two hours before scheduled departure for continental flights and around three hours prior to long-haul flights.
With the system on ground, Heathrow departures can be completely stress-free. You only need to ensure you do take proper actions at the ideal time.

Etihad Careers

Etihad Airways is a flag carrier of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the country’s second-largest airline. Although a relatively young airline, it is one of the fastest-growing air transport companies, making it a great place to consider when interested in a career in the aviation industry. You can find all you need to know about Etihad Airways in this post, along with useful information on the Etihad careers you could possibly consider.

Etihad Airways Overview

Established in July 2003 by a royal decree issued by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Etihad is one of the youngest leading airlines in the world. It was founded with 500 million UAE dirham in initial paid-up capital and commenced operations in November 2003 with a ceremonial flight conducted to Al Ain. The airline is the second flag carrier of the UAE, after Emirates, with its main base located at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Its named is derived from the Arabic word for ‘union.’
Etihad Airways has its headquarters in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi in the proximity of its main hub. The third-largest airline in the Middle East, which also operates Etihad Cargo and Etihad Holidays, carries out more than 1,000 passenger and cargo flights a week to numerous destinations in the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Australasia and Europe. The air transport company carried 10.3 million passengers in 2012, representing an increase of 23 percent from the year before.

Destinations and Fleet

The UAE flag carrier operates flights to more than 120 destinations in several continents – that is a significant improvement on a total count of about 96 destinations as of September 2013. You could take that as a sign of how promising Etihad careers could possibly be. Etihad Airways is one of few airlines, including Delta Air Lines, British Airways, United Airlines, Qatar Airways, Qantas and South African Airways, which operate flight services to all six of the inhabited continents. It has codeshare agreements with a good number of airlines, including KLM, All Nippon Airways, Flybe, Aer Lingus, Aegean Airlines, Air France, China Eastern Airlines and Virgin Australia, giving it access to many destinations.
Etihad Airways’ fleet consists of more than 120 aircraft from Airbus and Boeing. Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A330-300 and Airbus A320-200 are among the airliners that feature most in the fleet. If you think the fleet size is not sizable enough for people to take Etihad careers very seriously, you may want to reconsider that conclusion when you realize the number of aircraft on order is significantly greater that the total of those currently in service.

Jobs at Etihad Airways

Since its establishment, Etihad Airways has been providing increasing number of jobs year after year. It has a total workforce size of 1,761 employees in 2003, but that number had grown to more than 17,700 by the end of 2014. That is a promising indicator for Etihad careers if the trend should continue this way in the coming years. Pilot and cabin crew jobs are two of the most popular options among available Etihad careers.
Pilot job – Boasting several new aircraft in its fleet, Etihad Airways promises a highly rewarding and thrilling career for pilots. These professionals, who are very key to the existence of any airline, should expect ‘strong career growth’ which is based around modern fleet and a fast-expanding network.
Cabin crew job – This is an option among Etihad careers you should consider when looking to have an exciting career and experience new culture without necessarily being an airline pilot. Cabin crew jobs are among the most glamorous at any airline. They give you opportunity of visiting many places across the world at no extra charge. You could find yourself in Abu Dhabi this week, New York the next and Paris in the week after that.
In addition to the Etihad careers described above, there are several other openings in different areas which you may explore to see if you can find something suitable. You could work under the airline’s airport and network operations where you find positions such as contact centre agent, sales advisor and ticketing agent. There are also engineering and other technical roles as well as diverse positions in the cargo division and under the strategy and planning section of the airline.
You can check out the all-embracing job board on our partner site Airport Career for Etihad careers opening at London Heathrow Airport. You will be able to see different positions, including the ones mentioned above, on the board, along with relevant information such as role descriptions, salaries and required training for each job.

Benefits and Privileges

Etihad careers offer competitive salaries, at least based on feedback from some former and current employees. In addition, you are able to tap into several benefits and privileges offered by the UAE flag carrier. These include free accommodation and free transportation for individuals working in some positions, such as cabin crew members. Medical and life insurance is also provided to help ensure you, and possibly your loved ones, are well taken care of in the event of anything unfortunate ever happening to you in the course of your work.
You get to enjoy a 30-day vacation every year. And as is common with airline jobs, Etihad careers allow employees and their loved ones tap into discounted fares when travelling to certain destinations. You may also be able to benefit from special discounts at Etihad’s partner hotels and restaurants when on vacation. Perhaps, the most important and encouraging of all is the fact that the airline promises career progression to those working for it.

Interesting Facts about Etihad Airways

Etihad operates out of Terminal 4 at London Heathrow Airport. The terminal is typically used for European flights and long haul flights to destinations in North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. It is also home to airlines such as Delta Air Lines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Qatar Airways, Air France and Korean Air. The UAE flag carrier has a world-class lounge there for first-class and business-class travelers.
Being one of the fastest-growing airlines ever in commercial aviation history, Etihad Airways boasts an expansive fleet comprising mostly of modern aircraft and, in addition to these, it regularly orders for new planes. This makes Etihad careers all the more interesting. The carrier announced at the 2008 Farnborough Air Show order for as many as 205 aircraft, comprising 100 firm orders, 55 options and 50 purchase rights. That order was the largest ever in the history of commercial aviation.
Etihad Airways does not belong to any of the three major airline alliances; instead, it has its own alliance. The Etihad Airways Partners, which was formed in 2015, comprises carriers such as Alitalia, Jet Airways, Air Serbia, Air Berlin and Niki. UAE’s second-largest carrier has significant stakes in most of the participating airlines. The member airlines of the alliance operate a consolidated system of booking.
If you look forward to working with an award-winning company, then Etihad careers are worth checking out. This airline is a multi award-winning organisation, even though it is relatively new on the air transport scene. It has received more than 30 awards since it was established in 2003. Etihad Airways took home all three First Class honours at the 2013 Skytrax World Airline Awards. For four consecutive years, from 2009 to 2012, it was named the World’s Leading Airline at the World Travel Awards.
Etihad Airways has sponsorship deals with several sports teams and organizations. It sponsors the English Premiership team Manchester City and Australian football team Melbourne City FC – the home grounds of the two clubs are named Etihad Stadium. In addition, the carrier sponsors New York City FC and Cyprus First Division club Anorthosis Famagusta. There are also sponsorship agreements with Formula 1’s Scuderia Ferrari, UK Rugby Union’s Harlequins FC, the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals. Etihad announced a multi-year deal with the Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2014 to become its Official Airline Partner.
Etihad careers offer you opportunity to work in a fast-paced and exciting work environment with great benefits and opportunities for career progression. You should check out the job board on Airport Career to see which of the available Etihad careers you would love to consider, based on job descriptions, salaries and other pieces of information provided on the website.

Delta Airlines Jobs

Considered the oldest airline still in operation in the United States, Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s major airlines that have been around for a long time. It is a big-time employer that provides numerous thousands of jobs across the world. If you are currently considering Delta Airlines Jobs, this post will tell you all you need to know about this airline and the jobs it provides to help you see what positions you may be able to tie down, depending on your skill set. Continue reading “Delta Airlines Jobs”

United Airlines Jobs

The list of the world’s leading airlines is not complete without United Airlines featuring conspicuously on such. In terms of number of global destinations served, it is the largest airline in the world. So if anyone is interested in an airport career in the UK or anywhere this airline operates, it is one of the places the search should cover. This post provides information on all you need to know about this international major airline as well as on United Airlines jobs. Continue reading “United Airlines Jobs”

Cabin Crew Jobs

Cabin Crew Jobs – Cabin Crew Salary, Responsibilities and Requirements

The cabin crew plays an important role in the flight of the passengers. Other than the pilots, the members of the crew are also responsible for the safety and welfare of every passenger on board. Acquiring one of the cabin crew jobs is not an easy task. There are many requirements before one is hired, especially if one is applying in the United Kingdom. When one becomes part of the cabin crew, there are different responsibilities entrusted to each member. Despite this, cabin crew members are compensated depending on their experience. There are also other benefits that come with the job.

Cabin Crew Jobs Description

Cabin crew jobs are there to ensure that passengers receive excellent customer service during their flight. They have to attend to the passengers’ needs in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable traveling experience. In cases of emergency and security situations, cabin crews are expected to deal with these circumstances professionally. They are trained to administer first aid to passengers if necessary; before the flight takes off, it is their responsibility to check if all emergency equipment is in good condition, and if the supplies are enough for the flight duration.
When the passengers board, cabin crews have to be attentive in case a passenger needs assistance. The demonstration of safety procedures and the use of equipment is also done by the crews. To enhance the flying experience of every passenger, they also serve meals and refreshments, or they sell duty-free items during the flight. Flights where cabin crews are assigned can be short or long haul.
Other cabin crew jobs include performing pre-flight duties, such as doing security and equipment checks, ensuring that there are stocks of meals and beverages, and that seat pockets contain the updated information guide. They also have to check the cleanliness of the aircraft prior to the flight. Cabin crews usually undergo briefing before the take-off, so they will be informed about the schedule, other flight details, and the passengers who require special attention, such as those who are diabetic, in wheelchairs, and with infants. Passengers are welcomed and directed to their seats by the crews.
After the cabin crews have informed passengers of the safety procedures, they have to check if every hand luggage, seat belt, and galley are all properly secured. When there are questions during the flight, they have to answer them promptly and clearly. It is also their responsibility to relay the announcements made by the pilot. Every now and then, cabin crews have to check if passengers follow the safety procedures. At the end of the flight, they should be there to make sure that passengers get off safely, and that there is no baggage and other suspicious item left. These duties depend on the size of cabin crew members and on the duration of the flight (whether it is short or long haul).
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Cabin Crew Salary

Cabin crew salary differs depending on the level of expertise. The basic starting salary falls around £12,000 every year, which can reach up to £14,500 due to additional allowances. For experienced cabin crew members, they can receive £15,000 to £18,000 annually. In the senior cabin crew salary level, the salary starts around £20,000. A cabin crew qualifies for this level after some years of experience. In some airlines, they increase the allowances depending on the number of languages a crew member can speak. There are also overnight payments in most airlines. Other perks of being a crew member are the free flights, especially the domestic ones. International flights are usually heavily discounted, and sometimes they are offered for free.

Cabin Crew Requirements

For those who are planning to apply as a cabin crew member in the United Kingdom, they have to make sure that they follow or complete the cabin crew requirements, since the UK is very particular about these.
A good secondary education is needed in order to be accepted as a cabin crew member. Usually, airlines do not require a degree or foundation degree, or postgraduate studies for the work. Others only require a good performance in English and Math (with grade C or higher) during the secondary education. Candidates who have interests in travel, languages, hospitality management, leisure, and tourism management are preferred. There is also a higher chance of acceptance if the applicant can speak other languages.
The list of cabin crew requirements in every airline differs, however, there are common cabin crew requirements across different airlines. The minimum age is usually 18, with others requiring a minimum of 21. The candidate must be physically fit and must be able to swim 25 meters without any aid. Although glasses and contact lenses are permitted, as much as possible, the applicant must have good eyesight and good hearing as well. There is also a minimum height requirement, and usually, the height must be proportioned to the weight. In the UK, rather than height, the measurement is done based on the reach. The candidate must also possess a valid passport that permits unrestricted travel around the world. He or she must also undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check; some airlines require medical examination while others do not.

Cabin Crew Training

Interested candidates must have exceptional communication skills and customer service which can be achieved through professional cabin crew training. They must be confident in dealing with different kinds of people and be diplomatic when communicating to them. However, they must also be assertive if the situation calls for it. Since cabin crew members work as a team, applicants must be able to perform well in a group and be supportive of other members. In cases of emergency and crisis, they must exhibit a calm demeanor, despite the pressure and difficulty of the situation.
Solving these situations must be done quickly and calmly. Sales skills and commercial awareness will also be needed, along with numeracy skills and the ability to work in confined spaces. Despite the time constraints, the candidate must be able to work efficiently and quickly. The applicant must also be prepared to work any time of the year, so he or she must be flexible regarding the working schedules. Undergoing cabin crew training increases one’s chance of getting hired.

Latest Cabin Crew Jobs

There are cabin crew vacancies in different airlines every now and then; Please check the job board information below for a greater chance of becoming a cabin crew member.
Our partner site Airport Career has an extensive section on cabin crew jobs. Here you will find more cabin crew job descriptions and requirements, salary information and required cabin crew training. Read more about Cabin Crew Jobs.