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Passenger service agent vacancies

Passenger service agent vacancies
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Passenger service agent vacancies

If you are applying for passenger service agent vacancies and get accepted, you won’t be flying for a living. A passenger service agent (PSA) works on the ground, and is as important to a passenger on the floor, and the cabin crew is in the air. Your duties will involve working at the ticket counter selling tickets, checking in passengers, or help boarding the aircraft. You will also be the first person people come to when there is something wrong with their ticket, or when they have a question. You are therefore a highly visible person in the whole flying experience. Passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow are also called ground hosts, and you make sure the flight will go as smoothly as possible. It is a very rewarding job, since it is very important passengers board the plane as relaxed as possible. You are also depended on when it comes to airport security, since you are the eye on the ground (together with the security guard) for keeping flying safe.

So becoming an passenger service agent makes you an important man or women at the ground, and… if you have the ambition, it’s a great way for moving up to cabin crew member.

Get started, and have a look at the passenger service agent vacancies at Heathrow listed below:


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