Customer service vacancies

Customer service can make or break a company these days. Therefore, customer service jobs are more respected and better rewarded than they used to be. And there are a lot of customer service vacancies available, both at an airline company, or at one of the outsourcing companies operating at Heathrow Airport. It is not one of the easiest jobs, since things can become really stressful when something goes wrong on a flight, or when checking in. But, if you serve your job well, this also can be one of the most rewarding jobs in terms of customer satisfaction. If you think you have what it takes, you can apply at one of the customer service vacancies listed below.

Air traffic controller vacancies

Becoming an air traffic controller isn’t an easy task, but once you get in you will be very well rewarded. The job can be really stressful sometimes, but it gives you an opportunity to play an very important role in air traffic safety. You won’t be working directly for Heathrow Airport, but there are around 55 air traffic controllers stationed in the air traffic control tower at Heathrow. The company you work for is NATS, which regulates all air traffic in the UK. When there are air traffic controller vacancies, you can apply directly at NATS (although there can be moments when there are no open positions). Or, you can browse through the air traffic controller vacancies listed below.

Pilot vacancies

Airline companies have two ways of filling in their pilot vacancies. The first option is by recruiting students, and training them to become a pilot. The second option is recruiting pilot from other airline companies or private plane companies. On this page you will find a collection of pilot vacancies, mostly for already experienced pilots. Most of the times you will end up flying directly for an airline company, but there are also pilot vacancies at outsourcing companies like Parc Aviation. You will find them all on this page.

Passenger service agent vacancies

If you are applying for passenger service agent vacancies and get accepted, you won’t be flying for a living. A passenger service agent (PSA) works on the ground, and is as important to a passenger on the floor, and the cabin crew is in the air. Your duties will involve working at the ticket counter selling tickets, checking in passengers, or help boarding the aircraft. You will also be the first person people come to when there is something wrong with their ticket, or when they have a question. You are therefore a highly visible person in the whole flying experience. Passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow are also called ground hosts, and you make sure the flight will go as smoothly as possible. It is a very rewarding job, since it is very important passengers board the plane as relaxed as possible. You are also depended on when it comes to airport security, since you are the eye on the ground (together with the security guard) for keeping flying safe.

Cabin crew vacancies

Some of the most popular vacancies at Heathrow Airport are the cabin crew vacancies. You will get an amazing job which allows you to see a lot of the world. Because cabin crew vacancies are so popular, there are strict requirements for becoming a cabin crew member. There are cabin crew vacancies available directly at an airline company, but there are also lots of jobs available at outsourcing companies like Parc Aviation. On this page you will find a collection of vacancies for cabin crew members. And you can find more information about cabin crew jobs here at Heathrow Jobs.

Security job vacancies

You will find lots of airport security job vacancies nowadays, because you are much needed to keep our airports safe. And since Heathrow Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, there are tons of “uniforms” employed to keep it safe and secure. There are Heathrow security job vacancies for different areas and terminals at Heathrow. So take a look at the vacancies for Heathrow security jobs, and keep us safe!

Air hostess interview

The air hostess interview is considered to be tough, considering the high demand for the job from applicants, and the limited number of vacancies. There are however some ways to prepare yourself for the air hostess interview. It’s very important you’ve read the air hostess training and requirements article, to know what is expected from you. And this directory of air hostess courses shows you where you can get air hostess job training.

Air hostess training and requirements

There isn’t a strict education required for becoming an air hostess (besides a GCSE level in English and maths for most companies), but taking air hostess training will increase your chance of being hired. Some courses will provide you with training which is similar to the air hostess training you would receive from an airline company. This gives you a benefit over those who didn’t had some air hostess training, which will likely make you stand out of the crowd. Remember, there are far more applicants than air hostess jobs, and coming in prepared and well trained shows your dedication. And it will help you in the selection process as well, since the airliners’ own air hostess training is frequently used to see who’s the right fit for the job.