Air hostess job description

Air hostess job description

Brief summary

The air hostess, also known as flight attendant, is an important member of the cabin crew. It’s the air hostess job to ensure passengers are flying safely and comfortable.

Full air hostess job description

As an air hostess you work closely with the flight crew (operating the plane) during a flight, attending the passengers (hence the word flight attendant). This task involves much more than just serving snacks and drinks. What many people (fortunately) don’t realize is that a lot can go wrong during a flight. The air hostess is there to keep the passengers informed and prevent any disturbances. A familiar example is when turbulence occurs. Some people panic when this happens, and an air hostess must recognise this behaviour and must try to calm the passenger. As an air hostess you are also responsible for administering first aid when needed.

The air hostess job also involves some “behind the scene” tasks, from making sure everyone’s on board in the right seat and making flight preparations, to preparing meals and drinks. You’ll be constantly doing “something”, so even though you have your well deserved breaks, you will be up your feet most of the time. This is something you shouldn’t think too lightly off, it’s a psychically very demanding job. You will be working in a plane that moves and shakes, and together with your colleague cabin crew members you will be attending more people than if you were working in a large restaurant. Not to mention some of these passengers aren’t as patient as most customers in a restaurant would be…

And then there are the oh-so important pre-flight safety instructions which you have to show to the passengers, even though most people won’t pay attention. And while these instruction might not seem important to the average passenger, they certainly are when you are an air hostess. Because there’s always the risk that the air plane does need to perform an emergency landing, and you are fully responsible for getting the passengers out safely.

Passenger safety is your number one priority, which makes air hostess a very responsible job. But it’s also a fun and rewarding job, and you really get to see the world. And yes, most of the times you do get a heavy discount on your own tickets.

Air hostess training and requirements

Besides having a GCSE level in English and maths, there are no specific educational requirements. But, a strong customer service experience is required. And it really helps you to do a specific air hostess training, since it gives you a benefit among the many other job applicants. And since you will be working in a confined space, certain physical requirements are in place.

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Air hostess salary information

Most air hostesses start with a salary at around £12,000 annually, and it can increase to around £20,000 and more when you gain more experience.

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Air hostess interview

Because of the large demand for air hostess jobs, and the limited number of vacancies, getting an air hostess job isn’t easy. The job procedure isn’t one to take lightly, especially when it comes to the air hostess job interview. You’ll need to prepare yourself extensively, and make sure you cover the job interview basics.

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Job opportunities

(Chief) Purser: A purser is responsible for the full cabin crew on smaller flight, and part of the cabin crew on larger flights (in which case, a chief purser is appointed to act as primary purser).

Trainer: If you are a excellent air hostess yourself, you might be asked to train other air hostesses.

Support staff: Nothing beats a support staff member with actual experience.[/tab]
Pilot: If you’re up to it, and your employer supports you and provides you with the right training, there is a change you end up commanding the whole plane… (think big :-))

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