Air Hostess Jobs

Air Hostess Jobs

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The air hostess plays an important role in the flight of the passengers. Other than the pilots, the members of the crew are also responsible for the safety and welfare of every passenger on board. Acquiring one of the air hostess jobs is not an easy task. There are many requirements before one is hired, especially if one is applying in the United Kingdom. When one becomes part of the cabin crew, there are different responsibilities entrusted to each member. Despite this, cabin crew members are compensated depending on their experience. There are also other benefits that come with the job.

Air Hostess Jobs Description

Air hostess jobs are there to ensure that passengers receive excellent customer service during their flight. They have to attend to the passengers’ needs in order to guarantee a safe and comfortable traveling experience. In cases of emergency and security situations, cabin crews are expected to deal with these circumstances professionally. They are trained to administer first aid to passengers if necessary; before the flight takes off, it is their responsibility to check if all emergency equipment is in good condition, and if the supplies are enough for the flight duration.

When the passengers board, cabin crews have to be attentive in case a passenger needs assistance. The demonstration of safety procedures and the use of equipment is also done by the crews. To enhance the flying experience of every passenger, they also serve meals and refreshments, or they sell duty-free items during the flight. Flights where cabin crews are assigned can be short or long haul.

Other air hostess jobs include performing pre-flight duties, such as doing security and equipment checks, ensuring that there are stocks of meals and beverages, and that seat pockets contain the updated information guide. They also have to check the cleanliness of the aircraft prior to the flight. Cabin crews usually undergo briefing before the take-off, so they will be informed about the schedule, other flight details, and the passengers who require special attention, such as those who are diabetic, in wheelchairs, and with infants. Passengers are welcomed and directed to their seats by the crews.

After the cabin crews have informed passengers of the safety procedures, they have to check if every hand luggage, seat belt, and galley are all properly secured. When there are questions during the flight, they have to answer them promptly and clearly. It is also their responsibility to relay the announcements made by the pilot. Every now and then, cabin crews have to check if passengers follow the safety procedures. At the end of the flight, they should be there to make sure that passengers get off safely, and that there is no baggage and other suspicious item left. These duties depend on the size of cabin crew members and on the duration of the flight (whether it is short or long haul).

Air Hostess Jobs Salary

Air hostess salary differs depending on the level of expertise. The basic starting salary falls around £12,000 every year, which can reach up to £14,500 due to additional allowances. An experienced air hostess can receive £15,000 to £18,000 annually. In the senior cabin crew salary level, the salary starts around £20,000. A cabin crew qualifies for this level after some years of experience. In some airlines, they increase the allowances depending on the number of languages a crew member can speak. There are also overnight payments in most airlines. Other perks of being an air hostess are the free flights, especially the domestic ones. International flights are usually heavily discounted, and sometimes they are offered for free. Read more about air hostess salary.

Air Hostess Jobs Requirements

For those who are planning to apply for one of the air hostess jobs in the United Kingdom, they have to make sure that they follow or complete the air hostess requirements, since the UK is very particular about these.

A good secondary education is needed in order to be accepted as an air hostess. Usually, airlines do not require a degree or foundation degree, or postgraduate studies for the work. Others only require a good performance in English and Math (with grade C or higher) during the secondary education. Candidates who have interests in travel, languages, hospitality management, leisure, and tourism management are preferred. There is also a higher chance of acceptance if the applicant can speak other languages.

The list of cabin crew requirements in every airline differs, however, there are common cabin crew requirements across different airlines. The minimum age is usually 18, with others requiring a minimum of 21. The candidate must be physically fit and must be able to swim 25 meters without any aid. Although glasses and contact lenses are permitted, as much as possible, the applicant must have good eyesight and good hearing as well. There is also a minimum height requirement, and usually, the height must be proportioned to the weight. In the UK, rather than height, the measurement is done based on the reach. The candidate must also possess a valid passport that permits unrestricted travel around the world. He or she must also undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service check; some airlines require medical examination while others do not. Exact requirements are always posted in the air hostess jobs listings.

Air Hostess Training

Interested candidates for air hostess jobs must have exceptional communication skills and customer service which can be achieved through professional in-person cabin crew training or by taking online cabin crew training. They must be confident in dealing with different kinds of people and be diplomatic when communicating to them. However, they must also be assertive if the situation calls for it. Since cabin crew members work as a team, applicants must be able to perform well in a group and be supportive of other members. In cases of emergency and crisis, they must exhibit a calm demeanor, despite the pressure and difficulty of the situation.

Solving these situations must be done quickly and calmly. Sales skills and commercial awareness will also be needed, along with numeracy skills and the ability to work in confined spaces. Despite the time constraints, the candidate must be able to work efficiently and quickly. The applicant must also be prepared to work any time of the year, so he or she must be flexible regarding the working schedules. Undergoing cabin crew training increases one’s chance of getting hired.

Latest Air Hostess Jobs

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