Security Officer jobs at London Heathrow Airport

A Security Officer job at London’s Heathrow airport is a varied task as they help to make sure the airport is not only safe for the thousands of passengers that pass through the airport each day but for their fellow co-workers as well.   A Security Officer may be given the duty of checking a […]

Jobs at London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world handling 1,400 flights and over 200,000 passengers a day.   This equation adds up to one flight taking off or landing every 45 seconds as Heathrow handles 80 per cent of all long-haul visitors to the United Kingdom.   Heathrow Airport is, in […]

Air Traffic Controller Jobs

Air Traffic Controller Jobs – Air Traffic Controller Salary, Responsibilities and Requirements Air traffic control is one of the most crucial parts of every flight. The air traffic controller plays a significant role in assuring the safety of the aircraft, and of course, its passengers and everyone on board. Through them, collisions are avoided and […]

Pilot Jobs

Pilot Jobs in the UK – Pilot Salary, Vacancies and Training Commanding one of the few thousand pilot jobs in the UK, and taking control of a plane full of passengers or valuable cargo, is a dream that few realize. It offers excitement and satisfaction, but also responsibility and challenges. To fly a plane, you need […]

Heathrow Airport jobs

When you want to work at Heathrow Airport, you can off course choose to employ one of the airline jobs at Heathrow. Or, you can go for one of the specific Heathrow Airport jobs. Working for the airport itself gives you a wealth of opportunities, in different jobs but also in working hours, extra shifts and more. There are tens of thousands of Heathrow Airport jobs, and BAA (the owner of Heathrow Airport) is one of the largest transport companies in the world. So even if you don’t like working at Heathrow Airport, you can always request a transfer.