The easily recognisable high-street fashion retailer Accessorize is just one of the many upmarket shops you will find at London Heathrow.

The brain-child of former Portobello Road stall holder Peter Simon, Accessorize is a spin off that grew out of the success of Monsoon, a chain of   woman’s fashion outlets that Peter started following what he describes as a life-changing trip to India in the early 70’s.

Inspired by the sights and sounds of the Indian sub-continent, Monsoon’s mission was to introduce clothes to the British public that were true to their ethnic origins.

Clothes that were made using handlooms and woodblock printing, with natural dyes derived from pomegranates and indigo plants.

Following the opening of Monsoon’s first shop on Beauchamp Place in 1973 the fashion giant decided ten years later that it was time to open a sister brand that would sell goods to partner alongside Monsoons already trendy fashions,  and so Accessorize was born.

The location of the first Accessorize store could not have been chosen better, with the now re-born flower market of Covent Garden seeing a Renaissance in business thanks to the number of fashionable names relocating to Westminster.

Designed to be a chic shop selling that one item that would be the finishing touch to complete the outfit to die for, Accessorize hit the jackpot as tourists flocked to Covent Garden, not only to shop for that must have London souvenir, but also to watch the talented street performers ply their trade.

London was cool again and Accessorize were there ready to cash in on the lucrative fashion accessory market with their stylish handbags, scarfs and jewellery.


Since those humble beginnings Accessorize has opened 240 stores in the United Kingdom, while also investing abroad with over 800 world-wide locations.

Accessorize is dedicated to bringing well priced quality globally sourced fashion accessories to the high street. The seasonally inspired in-house designed product range looks to not only keep up with the latest fashion fads, but also allow you to use our wide range of accessories to compliment your own personal style.


Accessorize is located in Heathrow Terminal 5 immediately after you pass through the security check point across from and next to newsagent WH Smith.


Accessorize is open from 5am till 10pm seven days a week.


Tel- +44 (020) 82836321.

Jobs at Accessorize

Monsoon/Accessorize is always on the lookout for talented people who are not only creative in thought but a team player on the ground. Accessorize care about their workers and offer plenty of room for personal growth by always trying to promote from within house.

Image credit goes to Karen Roe and Stu Smith for the use of their photos.