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Interested in having a career with American Airlines? This post lets you into all you need to know about working with this respected airline along with some other information you might find useful or interesting about the organisation.

Brief Information about American Airlines

Before delving into American Airlines jobs, it is in place to talk a bit about the airline itself. American Airlines, which was known as American Airways, emerged out of a merger of numerous small airlines – 82, to be precise – in 1930. It has experienced several other mergers since the – including one to take over the London Heathrow Airport routes controlled by Trans World Airlines (TWA). The acquisition of TWA operations made American the only U.S. carrier, aside United Airlines, allowed to operate at Heathrow Airport until 2008.

The latest of the mergers the airline has been involved in, as of this writing, occurred in 2013 when the airline’s parent company AMR Corporation and U.S. Airways Group merged to form a new entity that will continue to operate under the American Airlines name. Following the merger, the airline became the largest in the world.

Headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, American Airlines operates a far-reaching international and US domestic route network, with flights to almost all the continents. The leading airline is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance. It manages services, fares and scheduling with several other leading airlines, including British Airways, Japan Airlines, Iberia, Qantas, SkyWest Airlines, PSA Airlines, Piedmont Airlines and Envoy Air in different markets.

American Airlines Destinations

The world’s largest airline, as is to be expected, takes passengers to numerous locations or destinations across the world, having acquired control over many routes over the years. This makes American Airlines jobs one to consider. American Airlines carry passengers to destinations in four continents – only Delta Air Lines and United Airlines serve more continents, at six each. In the United States, the airline serves the third-highest number of destinations across the world, trailing only the other two airlines in this regard.

American Airlines has nine hubs spread across the U.S., from where it flies to different destinations across the world. These include Dallas/Fort Worth, New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, Los Angeles, Miami, Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and Chicago O’Hare International Airport. While the Chicago hub is used as American Airlines’ main gateway to Europe and Asia, John F. Kennedy is commonly used as the airline’s gateway of choice to Europe and the Americas. Miami and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airports also serve as gateways to the Americas, with Los Angeles being American’s main gateway to Asia.

American Airlines is described as the only airline in the U.S. that has scheduled flights to the South American countries of Bolivia, Uruguay and Paraguay.

Some American Airlines jobs

Going by the foregoing information, American Airlines jobs are likely sounding like one to consider to you by now – there are thousands of them as well. American Airlines is one of the leading employers in the world with many thousands of employees on its payroll. The airline is said to have almost 95,000 people in its employment as at 2014 – of these numbers, more than 4,300 workers were working out of the airline’s massive headquarters’ CentrePort office complex in Fort Worth, Texas.

Below are some of the popular American Airlines jobs you may want to check out based on your qualification. You can find some of these jobs on our partner site, Airport Career.

Airline pilot – This job accounts for a significant proportion of the available American Airlines jobs. Pilots working for American are put at around 12,000 and they fly some of the most modern aircraft in the industry. To work as an airline pilot, you must have a college degree or equivalent and have perfect eye vision along with necessary certifications, ratings and permits.

Aircraft Mechanic – The job of mechanics is to ensure the airworthiness of aircraft by carrying out necessary maintenance in line with aviation authority, manufacturer and airline regulations, procedures and guidelines. There are different types of mechanics, such as line maintenance mechanics, maintenance base overhaul mechanics, airframe and power-plant mechanics, and avionics aircraft mechanics. You must have undergone relevant trainings and obtained necessary certifications and permits to hold these positions.

Cabin Crew / Flight Attendant – These are responsible for the well being of passengers while on a plane. Flight attendants serve foods and drinks, while also providing further assistance and guidance, as required, to passengers to ensure they are safe. A high school diploma or secondary education and customer service experience are among the factors for selecting people that will work as flight attendants.

Fleet Service Clerk – This is yet another of popular American Airlines jobs. A fleet service clerk is employed to work in different areas, such as air freight, cargo and cabin service. You must be physically fit to occupy this position as you will regularly have to carry items. Secondary education is usually the highest educational qualification required to be a fleet service clerk.

The above are only a few of the American Airlines jobs available. Aside those, the following are some of the jobs you may come across on the job board at Airport Career:

* Customer service representative
* Flight officer
* Sales representative
* Financial analyst
* Infrastructure engineer
* Quality assurance lead
* Baggage analyst
* Aircraft cargo operations support
* Human resource specialist
* Web content writer
* Records clerk
* Passenger service agents
* Programmer

Latest American Airlines Jobs

Our partner site Airport Career has an extensive job board with the latest American Airlines careers. Here you will find job descriptions and requirements, salary information and required training.

Working on American Airlines Jobs

Jobs at American Airlines are well remunerated. For example, the airline’s flight attendants in the U.S. earn in the range $20,250 to $71,000, excluding bonuses, while aircraft and power-plant mechanics take home any amount between $41,000 and $92,000 in annual salary.

American Airlines jobs are not just about the salaries, however; they come with several other benefits as well. The airline says these benefits, which extend to partners and family members, are provided as a result of its recognition that “there is more to life than work.” Health and life benefits, in form of medical and dental care, are provided to employees and their dependents.

American helps its employees prepare for the future as well with incentives, 401(k) matching funds and profit sharing, among other savings and retirement arrangement. By working on some American Airlines jobs, you are also able to advance your career with on-the-job and classroom training as well as through access to helpful online training resources. The airline claims to offer its employees opportunity to take advantage of some other job openings it usually have from time to time.

What’s more? You, along your family and friends, will be able to enjoy travel privileges, if you are working on one of American Airlines jobs. These privileges come in different forms, including discounted fares and special rates on car rentals, accommodation and cruises, among others.

On top of these, American Airlines workers belong to a variety of unions which fight for better working condition on their behalf. In-house unions include the Allied Pilots Association (APA) and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA). The Transport Workers Union (TWU) represents a good number of American Airlines and American Eagle ground staff, such as technicians, instructors, mechanics, dispatchers and fleet service clerks.

Miscellaneous Facts about American Airlines

This international airline has a division named American Airlines Vacations, which was previously known as FlyAAway Vacations and later as AAV Tours. This division, which is said to be the only travel company accepting AAdvantage or Oneworld miles for payment, serves several top holiday destinations such as Hawaii, the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe.

American Airlines boasts a mainline fleet numbering 964, as of May 2015-this is the world’s largest commercial fleet. The fleet comprises wide- and narrow-body Boeing, Airbus and Embraer aircraft. American operates the largest number of Airbus A320 aircraft in the world, and the second-largest fleet of A319 aircraft. It also boasts the fourth-largest Boeing 737 Next Generation fleet.

The airline operates exclusive lounges known as the Admiral Club and Flagship Lounge. Admiral Club, a marketing strategy, previously operated on strictly invitational basis for top personalities and valued customers, but later transformed to a paid membership program after a passenger filed a discrimination lawsuit. One other hand, Flagship Lounges, one of which is available at London Heathrow Airport, are intended for First Class passengers and top frequent flyers such as Oneworld Emerald and AAdvantage Executive Platinum frequent flyers.

American Airlines jobs are equally worth considering because the airline is a socially and environmental responsible organisation, or so it seems. American is a winner of a hazardous waste reduction award. In addition, it sponsors several sport teams in the United States, including the Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots and Chicago Cubs as well as Major League Soccer.

Start Your Career with American Airlines

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