Be Relax Spa and Lounge

Be Relax Spa and Lounge

Be Relax came about with the concept of making an airport layover something you would look forward to before your connecting flight rather than a chore you had to undergo.

The idea of putting a health spa in an airport terminal was the brainchild of Frenchman Frederic Briest, when in 2003 during a long journey in South America that involved a great many stops along the way. Despite being in some of the continents remotest cities, Briest noticed that you were always able to purchase cigarettes and spirits, yet finding a place just to chill out and unwind was almost impossible.

On his return to France, Frederic told his brother Nicolas of his idea to open wellness spas in airports, and almost immediately Nicolas was on board, convinced that the concept would be a success.

The first Be Relax wellness spa opened in 2004, at Paris’s Charles de Gaulle, with the purpose of allowing any passenger and not just the members of airline elite clubs to have a place to go where they could relax and get pampered before their flight.

Be Relax also wanted to stress to their customers that they were not just another high-street beauty salon looking to expand their business by opening a branch at the local airport, but a company determined to help alleviate jet lag and take the stress out of flying.

The second principle of Be Relax was to create a look that would be easily recognisable and simple to recreate as the company looked to expand abroad from their base in France.

The image was achieved by building a futuristic blue-lit enclave within their retail space that was not only space like in appearance, but also modern and chic.

Armed with an easy to understand price list that advertises ten-minute shoulder massages and speedy pedicures, Be Relax is your go-to location for that quick beauty fix as well.

To take advantage of Be Relax services you do not need to make an appointment with most treatments taking 30 minutes or less. You also do not need to remove your clothes unless opting for a full-body Swedish table massage in a private treatment room.

Services available include the following: Chair massagers, Table massages, Oxygen Aroma Therapy, Manicure, Pedicure, Facial Skin Care, Waxing and Hair Care.

If you haven’t got time to take advantage of Be Relax treatments, they have you covered with travel packs you can use while you’re up in the air.


Products include a range of pre-charged massagers designed to help alleviate neck and back ache.

Special compression travel socks that help to stimulate the legs while lessening your chances of suffering deep vein thrombosis during your flight.

Specially designed neck pillows using memory foam technology with reusable heat pads, which allow you to get a good night’s sleep, just as if you were home in your own bed.

Be Relax continues to grow around the world and can now be found in more than 40 airports.


The Be Relax Wellness Spa can be found after security, in Terminal 5 at Heathrow airport next to Harrods, in-between Gate B45 and B46.