British Airways Jobs

British Airways Jobs

Want to work for British Airways? Tens of British Airways jobs are waiting for you. Read more and apply right away.

British Airways Jobs – What’s to know?

British Airways is the largest airline in the United Kingdom, based on fleet size and international flights and destinations; it’s also the flag carrier airline of the U.K and takes care of thousands of British Airways jobs. The dissolution of the British Overseas Airways Corporation and the British European Airways led to the establishment of British Airways as an airline in 1974. It was privatized in 1987 after operating as a state company for nearly 13 years and has created many British Airways jobs since then.

British Airways is one of the founding members of the Oneworld airline alliance, which is the third largest alliance in the world. In 2011, the carrier merged with Iberia, which is another member of the Oneworld alliance, forming the International Airlines Group (IAG). In terms of annual revenue, IAG is considered the third biggest airline group in the world.

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British Airways Jobs Locations

Waterside, the head office of the airline, is located in Harmondsworth, a village close to London Heathrow Airport where is has placed many of its British Airways jobs. The carrier’s primary base is located at London Heathrow Airport. It also has a base at Gatwick Airport and London City Airport.

British Airways owns 40 percent of the available slots at Heathrow Airport. Most of the carrier’s services operate from Terminal 5, with some mid-haul and short-haul flights operating at Terminal 1. The carrier mostly acquired a U.K.-built aircraft fleet when it was established in 1974. British Airways has now become the largest operator of Boeing 747-400s, having 55 Boeing variants in its fleet.

British Airways Destinations

British Airways has flights to more than 300 destinations, making it one of the select airlines that fly to all six permanently inhabited continents across the globe. The company maintains its aircraft fleet, including line maintenance, at more than 70 airports worldwide, with its own engineering branch.

The brand used by the airline in providing cargo services is the British Airways World Cargo, which is the 12th biggest cargo airline worldwide, based on total freight tonne-kilometers flown. Both branches account for many different jobs at British Airways.

Popular British Airways Jobs

With the colossal size of the company, there’s a broad selection of British Airways jobs available, including BA pilot jobs and the highly popular British Airways cabin crew jobs, while the ground handling teams serve as the focal point for all of the airline’s flights.

The company ensures the personal development of employees through proper training, as well as learning and development opportunities. It provides various development programs tailored to the unique requirements of employees, based on position and career aspirations.

British Airways Apprenticeships

The airline also offers official British Airways apprenticeships programs to bring new talent into the organization for the British Airways graduate scheme. There are currently more than 300 apprentices undergoing graduate schemes in engineering, customer service, airport operations, cargo, IT, Heathrow operations, head office, and project management.

These British Airways apprenticeships allow emerging employees to take advantage of opportunities in various British Airways careers. They help apprentices to develop their skills and gain experience to become successful in their chosen careers.

British Airways Careers

British Airways careers offers a wide range of experiences, with a strong focus on customer service and nurturing potential talent. The company’s graduates take real roles and responsibilities that teach them new ideas and methods, while learning important skills from colleagues.

Gaining real operational experience is one of the first steps toward having a successful career with the airline. The programs also promote further development by encouraging external leadership and professional qualifications. Apprentices are also encouraged to join different community initiatives, such as supporting local projects and fundraising for charity.

British Airways Recruitment

Whatever position an applicant is applying for, British Airways recruitment is made fair, objective, and comprehensive through the use of different methods that assess key competencies essential for success in the airline industry. It’s important for employees to act with honesty and integrity all the time.

Resilience and a genuine passion for providing customer-focused service are also key values. Interested applicants should submit an application review and answer several application questions. As a company that’s positive about employing disabled people, British Airways recruitment also accepts disabled candidates who meet the particular criteria for the role they apply.