Cathay Pacific Jobs

Cathay Pacific Jobs

Cathay Pacific is a top airline with worldwide presence and a great organisation that most people will definitely love working with. It is one of the largest airlines in the world. Perhaps, you are considering a career with Cathay Pacific. This post is aimed at providing you with all you need to know about this airline as well as Cathay Pacific Airline jobs, especially those available at Heathrow Airport.

About Cathay Pacific Airline

Cathay Pacific was founded in 1946 by former air force pilots, Sydney de Kantzow (an Australian citizen) and Roy Farrell (a U.S. citizen), in Shanghai. De Kantzow and Farrell were in charge of the airline’s first flight, which was from Hong Kong to Manila. Swire Group (then known as Butterfield & Swire) soon acquired a 45-percent stake in the airline, which began operations July 1948. Swire now holds a controlling stake of 52 percent in the airline, which has grown over the years to reportedly become the third largest airline in the world – when considering market capitalization.

Cathay Pacific is Hong Kong’s flag carrier and has its head office at Hong Kong International Airport. It operates passenger and cargo flight services to about 200 destinations spread across 52 countries around the globe. The airline assumed the status of largest international cargo airline in the world in 2010, meaning a good number of Cathay Pacific Airline jobs have to do with cargo operations. Together with its wholly-owned subsidiary Dragonair, Cathay transported almost 27 million passengers and more than 1.8 million tonnes of mail and cargo in 2010.

The multiple award-winning airline co-founded Oneworld alliance with American Airlines, British Airways, Canadian Airlines and Qantas in September 1998. Cathay Pacific has codeshare agreements with several airlines, including sister company Air China, Air New Zealand, Alaska Airlines, Bangkok Airways, Flybe and Japan Airlines.

Fleet and Destinations

Fitting of an airline of its status, Cathay Pacific has a large fleet of wide-body aircraft at its disposal. The fleet size in 2015 is put at almost 178 aircraft, including Dragonair and cargo aircraft, mostly comprising Airbus and Boeing planes. Passenger aircraft currently in the leading airline’s fleet include Airbus A330-300, Airbus A340-300, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-300 and Boeing 777-200. Cathay Pacific Cargo fleet, which includes almost 25 aircraft, features Boeing 747-400Fs, Boeing 747-8Fs and Boeing 747-400ERFs.

Cathay Pacific operates passenger and cargo flight services to numerous destinations in Asia, Africa, Americas, Australasia, Europe and Middle East. On its own, the airline operates flights to almost 170 destinations in over 40 countries and territories. It also serves more than 17 destinations in China through subsidiary company Dragonair. In addition, Cathay Pacific Airline operates flights to several other destinations through the partners it has codeshare agreements with.

Popular Cathay Pacific Airline jobs

From time to time, Cathay Pacific usually has openings in different areas of its operations. These openings are commonly the result of expansions. Below are some of the popular Cathay Pacific Airline jobs you may come across once in a while, especially on the Airport Jobs board.

Airport pilot – This job is one of the best paying Cathay Pacific Airline jobs, which explains why they are quite popular among suitably qualified individuals. Ordinarily, some might expect an airline pilot to just fly passengers and cargoes to their destinations and that would be it. They do more than this. Pilots are expected to go over flight plans and aircraft logs, while also ensuring the weather is right for flying. For doing these and several other duties, the compensation is quite good.

Cabin crew – It is probably possible to argue that this job is the most popular of Cathay Pacific Airline jobs. This may be because cabin crew members or air stewardesses do not have to undergo expensive and lengthy training like pilots. Yet, this job gives you the opportunity to travel to numerous places without taking a penny out of your pocket. Cabin crew assist with plane boarding and provides useful instructions or information to ensure that passengers are safe on flights. The responsibilities of cabin crew include warmly welcoming passengers on board, selling or providing beverages and snacks, and providing care in emergency situations.

Customer service agent – This position requires the holder to render necessary assistance to passengers ensuring they board their flights on time with their baggage intact. Customer service agents provide information on departures, arrivals and luggage restrictions, while also weighing luggage and collecting charges for excess weight above the specified limits. These agents are also expected to calm passengers who may be feeling apprehensive about flying.

Flight Dispatch Assistant – The holder of this type of Cathay Pacific Airline jobs is principally charged with the duty of making sure accurate information is provided for all flights. A flight dispatch assistant produces flight plans, detailing route, fuel consumption, flight time and weather information, among other useful information.

In addition to the above Cathay Pacific Airline jobs, which you may find on the Airport Jobs board when available, there are several other jobs the airline usually has available from time to time. Some Cathay Pacific Airline jobs you may get at the busy Heathrow Airport include the following:

* Operations training specialist
* Premium lounge host
* Customer service coordinator
* Account manager
* Travel services advisor
* Systems analyst
* Revenue analyst
* Safety training specialist
* Service centre specialist
* Internal auditor
* Flight engineer

There are several other job titles than the one given above. These Cathay Pacific Airline jobs are often well-paid and offer holders opportunity to have a highly fulfilling career. For instance, pay for cabin crew usually range anywhere from £11,000 to £18,000 on a yearly basis. Higher positions such as that of an airline pilot or flight engineer can fetch you as much as £75,000 or higher in annual salary. You could also get bonuses and other benefits to go with your regular salary when working on some Cathay Pacific Airline jobs.

Latest Cathay Pacific Jobs

Our partner site Airport Career has an extensive job board with the latest American Airlines careers. Here you will find job descriptions and requirements, salary information and required training.

Interesting Facts about Cathay Pacific

Have you ever wondered how Cathay Pacific came about its name? Most probably, you have not. The ‘Cathay’ part of the name is said to have been derived from the ancient name of China, while the ‘Pacific’ portion was supposedly chosen because co-founder Farrell expected the airline to have flights going across the Pacific from Hong Kong someday. The name was said to have been selected by Farrell and some foreign correspondents at the Manila Hotel bar. In Chinese, the airline’s name is derived from an idiom which means “grand and peaceful state.”

Cathay Pacific made history in 1998 when it organised the first non-stop transpolar flight ever anywhere in the world. The record was set with a flight given the name ‘Polar One’ from the John F. Kennedy International Airport to Hong Kong lasting around 16 hours. The flight was the first to land at the then newly-opened Hong Kong International Airport.

There is an interesting relationship between Cathay Pacific and Air China. While Air China is a major shareholder in Cathay Pacific, the latter is also a major stakeholder in the former — both 17.5 percent stakes. Aside Air China, this airline also has several other subsidiaries and associates, which include Air China Cargo, Dragonair, Air Hong Kong, Hong Kong Airport Services and Cathay Pacific Catering Services.

This airline is an award-winning organisation, so working on Cathay Pacific Airline jobs comes with a level of prestige as well. Cathay Pacific was named the Airline of the Year in 2014 by Skytrax. It has also been awarded the World’s Best Airline four times — higher than any other airline. In addition, Cathay Pacific has been honored for promoting a smoke-free work environment, which is quite essential for individuals dealing with certain health issues.

Cathay Pacific Airline is constantly expanding its operations. For example, it acquired several new types of aircraft, including the Boeing 777-300ER and Airbus A330-300, in 2010 to enable it serve more passengers. The airline witnessed its largest expansion in recent years in 2014, with the addition of connections to Boston, Manchester and Zurich. What these expansions, and possible future ones, mean is that there will regularly be openings for Cathay Pacific Airline jobs.

Latest Cathay Pacific Airline jobs

Obviously, it will be a smart career move landing a job at Cathay Pacific, a highly prominent and reputable airline. If you need information about available Cathay Pacific Airline jobs, visit the job board on our partner site Airport Career. You will find job descriptions, requirements, training and salary information on that site. Apart from the pay you receive for these jobs, you also have the opportunity to take advantage of different facilities such as free internet access, reading materials, showers and a variety of tasty dishes to treat your palate to.

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