Delta Airlines Jobs

Delta Airlines Jobs

[series_meta]Considered the oldest airline still in operation in the United States, Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s major airlines that have been around for a long time. It is a big-time employer that provides numerous thousands of jobs across the world. If you are currently considering Delta Airlines Jobs, this post will tell you all you need to know about this airline and the jobs it provides to help you see what positions you may be able to tie down, depending on your skill set.

Background Information on Delta Airlines Jobs

Established in 1924, Delta Air Lines started in Macon, Georgia before it was moved to Monroe, Louisiana in 1925. It did not commence passenger flying operations until June 1929, having had its name changed to Delta Air Service the previous year. The new name was influenced by the neighboring Mississippi Delta region. The airline become what it is today through the acquisition of smaller airlines and frequent route expansion. Some carriers that have been merged into Delta Air Lines over the years include Chicago and Southern Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, Pan American World Airways, American Overseas Airlines and National Airlines. The latest merger is that with Northwest Airlines, which was completed in October 2008 to form the then world’s largest airline.

Delta Air Lines has its corporate headquarters located at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. The location has served as the airline’s headquarters since 1941 and doubles as its largest hub. Delta Technical Operations Center, the company’s main maintenance, repair and overhaul division, is also situated here. The airline has ten domestic and three international hubs, including Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Logan International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

A founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance, Delta Air Lines has code-share agreements with several airlines, including Virgin Atlantic, Alaska Airlines, Virgin Australia, Hawaiian Airlines and Olympic Air. The joint venture with Virgin Atlantic was announced in 2012, with plans to operate roundtrip flights numbering 31 between North America and the UK, including nine between London Heathrow and airports in New York City. It operates out of Terminal 3 at Heathrow Airport.

By foundation date, Delta Air is the world’s sixth-oldest airline still operating. In 2013, it was the largest airline in the world when measured by scheduled passengers handled (120.6 million).


The airline boasts a very expansive domestic and international route network, operating flights to 333 destinations in 64 countries, as of June 2014, and helping to ensure Delta Airline jobs are in no short supply. It is one of few airlines operating flights to all six permanent continents, with the others including Emirates, United Airlines, British Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas and Etihad Airways. Delta Air Lines operates over 5,400 flights a day, while its regional service Delta Connection conducts over 2,500 flights daily. It is the only American airline operating flights to Moscow, Prague, Bangkok, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Dakar, Reykjavik and Johannesburg.

Delta Air Lines boasts a fleet size of about 790 mainline aircraft made by Airbus, Boeing and McDonnell Douglas. The entire fleet was comprised of only Boeing and McDonnell Douglas planes before the merger in 2008 with Northwest Airlines, which brought on its Airbus aircraft. The airline now operates the largest Boeing 767 and Airbus A330 aircraft in the U.S. It also has the world’s largest fleets of Boeing 757, McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and McDonnell Douglas MD-88 aircraft. As a possible indication that many more Delta Airline jobs may be on the way, the company announced in November 2014 that it had placed order for 50 Airbus A350s-900s and A330-900neos and will start to take delivery of the aircraft from the second quarter of 2017.

Popular Delta Air Lines Careers

From what has been highlighted about this top airline, you could understand why many people are interested in Delta Airline jobs. Delta Air, together with its numerous subsidiaries, employees about 80,000 people – that is quite significant. Included in the workforce are about 12,000 mainline pilots, which form the largest group in the Air Line Pilots Association International. While pilots constitute a significant portion of Delta Airline jobs, there are numerous other positions available, given the diverse skills that are required to get an airline this big running. Here are a couple of the popular Delta Airlines jobs:

Flight Attendant – This position is a favorite among Delta Airline jobs, especially to those who do not have expertise for more technical openings. Working as a flight attendant can be both exciting and tasking. It is the duty of such employees to ensure the safety and well being of passengers on board. Customer skills are essential to flourish in this position.

Baggage handler – The main duty of baggage handlers is to make sure luggage is loaded on and taken off planes so that passengers’ belongings get to intended destinations safely. One of the reasons this position is popular among Delta Airline jobs is that it does not require any significant or extensive training to qualify.

These and several other jobs you may be eligible to apply for can be found on our partner site Airport Career’s job board. Some other positions that could be available at a time include:

* Customer service agent
* Counter ticket agent
* Reservation sales personnel
* Ramp service clerk
* Administrative support

An interesting thing is that Delta Air Lines prides itself as an employer who cares about employee diversity – part of its tactics toward ensuring its clients feel at home. It defines its approach as recognition, respect, appreciation and leverage on human diversity. The airline has several affinity groups that create community outreach and networking opportunities for its employees, including Black Employee Network (BEN), Women’s Employee Network (WEN) and Latin American Hispanic Employee Network (LAHEN).

Benefits and Privileges

Delta Airline jobs offers salaries that compare well against what an average airline employee may be able to earn elsewhere. In addition, the jobs come with several attractive benefits and privileges, which include:

Worldwide travel privileges – You will be able to visit amazing destinations across the world – anywhere Delta operates flights to – either free or on a reduced-rate basis. These privileges extend to your eligible family members and even friends guest.

Health and insurance coverage – Both full-time and part-time employees working on Delta Airline jobs get to benefit from the airline’s health and insurance coverage, which is also extended to their eligible dependents. There are different types of coverage, including medical, vision and dental. You also get to benefit from an employee assistance program when working on any of these Delta Airline jobs.

Profit-sharing plan – Interestingly, those who work on Delta Airline jobs may also be able to share in the profits of this airline, with eligibility starting from the day you are employed. Delta Air said it distributed over 15 percent of its pre-tax income in 2007.

These are only few of the privileges and benefits that come with Delta Airline jobs. It promises to be an exciting experience working with this top airline.

Interesting Facts on Delta Air Lines

Delta started back in 1924 as a crop dusting service incorporated as Huff Daland Dusters. The company utilized a Huff-Daland Duster, which is described as the first true crop duster, for its aerial crop dusting operation targeted at eliminating boll weevil. The duster accommodated a single passenger, seated near where pesticide used to be kept. Delta’s crop dusting operation continued until 1966. That first plane is now housed in the Southern Museum of Flight.

If you happen to be an environmentally conscious person, you may find in Delta Air Lines an ideal employer. The airline received an award from the Design for the Environment (DfE) program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency in 2008 for its effort at replacing dangerous chemicals used in preventing corrosion and enhancing paint adhesion with a more environmentally friendly, non-hexavalent chromium surface pre-treatment called PreKote.

Delta Air Lines has several sponsorships to its name in different areas, ranging from sports to education. It is the official airline of a number of sports teams in the U.S., including the Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, Pittsburgh Pirates, Los Angeles Lakers, St. Louis Cardinals and Seattle Sounders. The airline is also said to support Chelsea F.C. It was also the official airline of the 1996 Summer Olympics and 2002 Winter Olympics. In addition, Delta Air Lines is the Grammy Award’s official airline.

Working on Delta Airline jobs can give you the opportunity to enjoy access to the several amenities that Delta Air Lines offers its premium passengers at London Heathrow Terminal 3, including free Wi-Fi access, newspapers and showers.

Latest Delta Airlines Jobs

Our partner site Airport Career has an extensive job board with the latest Delta Airlines careers. Here you will find job descriptions and requirements, salary information and required training.

Set the ball rolling

If you are already itching to find out if any of Delta Airline jobs is for you, visit the extensive job board on Airport Career website and see what available openings at London Heathrow you are eligible to apply for. You will find job descriptions, training, salary and other useful information on the different positions available.

An airport career promises great experience and could be highly rewarding. Delta Airline jobs offers you the opportunity to visit many place and meet many interesting people.