DHL Aviation Jobs

DHL Aviation Jobs

DHL Aviation is not really an airline, but it is a collection of airlines and its main focus differs from that of a regular air transport company. It is a global leader in the provision of international air freight services. As a result of this, DHL Aviation jobs may exclude certain positions you would ordinarily expect in a passenger airline, while emphasis will be on some other types of jobs. In this piece, you will find background information on DHL Aviation and sample jobs you could get in the company.

Background Information

DHL Aviation is the air transport division of DHL Express, which itself is a division of the German company Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s largest logistics company. DHL Express was founded in 1969 as a document delivery service between San Francisco and Honolulu. Its creation is attributed to Larry HillBlom, who had previously performed courier duty while studying at the Boalt Hall School of Law of University of California, Berkeley. After graduation, he teamed up with friends Adrian Dalsey and Robert Lynn to start the company, whose name was derived from the initials of their last names.

In only a few years, the company expanded and was soon offering international delivery services by the 1970s. It became the only logistics company in the country offering overnight service. DHL grew to become the third largest courier company in the US, trailing only FedEx and UPS. Deutsche Post took interest in the promising company and started acquiring shares in it from 1998. The leading German logistics company became the majority owner of DHL three years later before finalising total take over in 2002. DHL global headquarters are part of the Bonn headquarters of Deutsche Post.

Airlines and Fleet

Deutsche Post has five main airline subsidiaries devoted to DHL Express – these are collectively known as DHL Aviation. The airlines are: Blue Dart Aviation (for destinations in India), DHL Aero Expresso (for Central and South America destinations), DHL Air UK (for European destinations), European Air Transport Leipzig (also for European destinations) and SNAS/DHL (for destinations in the Middle East). In addition to these, there are several other smaller airlines owned by the company, including Aero Express Del Ecuador, Aerologic and DHL de Guatemala.

DHL Aviation boasts a fleet of about 120 aircraft. The fleet comprises Airbus, Boeing and Tupolev aircraft. Significant numbers of the planes used by the logistics air transport company are Airbus A300-600RFs, Boeing 757-200Fs and Boeing 777Fs. A number of aircraft are also on order, which probably means more DHL Aviation jobs becoming available when they are eventually delivered.

DHL Aviation Careers
DHL Express, of which DHL Aviation is a part, is one of the top employers around the globe. It has about 325,000 employees on its pay roll across the world; almost 20,000 of these are in the United Kingdom. A sizeable number of these are DHL Aviation jobs as well. Pilots constitute a sizeable portion of total employees, since we are talking about air transport here. But, there are several other less-technical positions as well. Here are a few samples of popular, less-technical DHL Aviation jobs:

Export agent – This position requires holder to perform duties such as computation of weight, volume, duties and tariffs as well as examination of different documents, including bills of lading, invoices and shipping statements. An export agent has to ensure compliance with established regulations. It is one of those DHL Aviation jobs which require only a high school qualification.

Ramp operations agent – You need to be physically fit to work in this role. This is because the job of a ramp operations agent involves frequent lifting and can be physically demanding. You will be working to ensure timely processing of materials for pickup, loading, transit and unloading, amongst other tasks. You need to be at least 18 years and able to lift 50 pounds material regularly and 70 pounds once in a while. The job of a ramp operations involve standing for long periods as well.

Payable clerk – In this role, your duties will include processing of vendor invoices and performance of invoice quality checks. A payable clerk submits invoices for approval and escalates issues to relevant departments. You will also be producing monthly reports and assist with month-end closing. However, this is among DHL Aviation jobs that requires a university degree to apply.

There are several other DHL Aviation jobs which may find on job boards such as that on our partner site Airport Career. These include:

* Quality control specialist
* Entry writer
* Engineer
* Courier driver
* Operations admin clerk
* Flight dispatcher
* Finance administrator
* Airline control centre manager
* Operations control manager

If you are a student or graduate, you could also get internship opportunities at DHL Aviation to boost your chances for a successful and rewarding career in the aviation industry. DHL has an online learning portal where you can tap into soft skills training, management method exposure and language classes, to mention a few. The company claims to encourage cultural diversity to enable you blend in easily, regardless of your racial background. And to ensure satisfaction on DHL Aviation jobs, the company carries out an Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) to give employees a platform to let management know where improvement is needed.

Salaries and Benefits

DHL Aviation jobs come with attractive salaries – ones that compare relatively well against what you could hope to earn elsewhere. Given cost of training, pilots understandably make the most amounts in salaries – up to £110,000 or more a year, depending on years of experience. You should expect lower, but competitive, salary for less-technical roles. A warehouse/stores operative earns about £9 per hour while a warehouse team leader makes between £16,000 and £18,000 in salary per year. A finance co-ordinator earns around £23,000 to £25,000 a year. Senior-level positions come with significantly higher pay.

There are also some benefits to be enjoyed when working on DHL Aviation jobs. These include a bikes-for-work scheme, childcare vouchers and other retail discounts. An online benefits portal launched in 2014 brings all benefits available to people working on DHL Aviation jobs together in one place to make them easier to access. You can not only buy discounted gift vouchers, but also enjoy cash-back on your purchases. Many people who have worked on DHL Aviation jobs had something positive to say about the experience.

Miscellaneous Facts about DHL Aviation/Express

In the UK, DHL Aviation is located in Hounslow, Middlesex. It boasts an expansive storage space at the Heathrow Cargo Centre, which is also referred to as ‘The Horseshoe.’ Before 2012, it occupied 100,250 square feet of space at the Heathrow Airport cargo facility. It then leased an extra 81,054 square feet more from the Airport Property Partnership (APP) in that year to almost double the area it has for transit cargo.

DHL operations are carried out in more than 150 countries across the world. Its services are also available to people in certain countries on which the U.S. government has placed an embargo, including Myanmar, Iraq and Afghanistan, since it now belongs to a German company. DHL is the sole provider used by USPS for transfer of mail to and from Iraq and Afghanistan. It will also ship to both North Korea and Cuba. However, because it is no longer considered an American business, the logistics company is no longer allowed to operate domestic flights between airports in the U.S., so it does this through partnerships with other airlines.

DHL has sponsorship agreements with several individuals and organisations. It has been the sponsor of Ryan Hunter-Reay’s car in the IndyCar Series since 2011. In August 2011, a four-year deal that made the company the first sponsor of Manchester United football club training kit was announced – considered the first time English football witnessed a training kit sponsorship. There is also a six-year sponsorship deal with German football giants FC Bayern Munich. The company is a major sponsor of Surf Life Saving Australia. It also sponsored Team Penske Porsche RS Spyder racing cars in the IMSA American Le Mans Series for several years.

If you will love to explore opportunities available at DHL Aviation, you should check out the expansive job board on the Airport Career website to see if you can find something suitable. DHL Aviation jobs are posted on the job board as they become available along with job descriptions, training requirements and salary information. You need to make sure to check the board regularly so that you never miss out on any interesting openings in the company.