Emirates Jobs

Emirates Jobs

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Emirates Jobs – What’s to know?

Taking into account its fleet size, revenue, and passengers carried, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East, with around 3,400 flights being operated every week. The destinations of its flights reach 142 cities in 78 countries around the six continents. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, a property of the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates is divided into Emirates SkyCargo and Emirates Executive. The cargo activities are managed by the Emirates SkyCargo division of the Emirates Group, while the corporate and private charters are operated by Emirates Executive. The latter division has a number of private suites, lounges, dining areas, and bathrooms. This article focuses on Emirates Airlines jobs.

Emirates Destinations

In terms of passenger kilometers, Emirates is one of the top ten airline carriers in the world. It is even ranked as the fourth largest airline in the world when it comes to the number of international passengers carried, and passenger kilometers traveled. In addition, it is considered the third largest airline in terms of scheduled freight ton kilometers flown. Four of the longest non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to San Francisco, Houston, Los Angeles and Dallas/Fort Worth are also operated by Emirates.

Being one of the few airlines that operate all-wide body aircraft fleet, Emirates runs different fleet of wide-body craft such as Airbus and the Boeing 777. After Singapore Airlines, it is the second to operate Airbus A380s. Emirates is also the leading air company in terms of aircraft purchases. In 2013, it has acquired 200 aircraft. The airline’s rapid growth and excellent service contribute to Emirate’s dominant position in the aviation industry. In 2012, it landed on the 8th rank for the “Airline of the Year” award of the Air Transport World, and was nominated as Airline of the Year in 2013. Skytrax, an aviation consultancy group, rated the Emirates as a four-star airline.

Popular Emirates Careers

Because of the relentless development of the air company, there is an availability of a number of Emirates careers. These include Emirates pilot jobs, Emirates cabin crew jobs (very popular!), airport operations, customer service, and Emirates apprenticeships.

The main responsibility of an airline pilot is to fly an aircraft safely to its destination. Before take-off, pilots check flight plans and review aircraft logs. They also ensure that the weather conditions are suitable for flying. Aside from monitoring the aircraft system during flight, it is the duty of the pilot to communicate with the FAA and the company.

On the other hand, members of the Emirates cabin crew ensure the safety and welfare of every passenger on board. They are expected to have excellent customer service, so they must be approachable, friendly, and enthusiastic. It is necessary for the cabin crew to possess excellent organizational skills, and the ability to think quickly, especially when emergency situations arise.

Other Emirates jobs connected with customer service are airline customer service jobs. Airline customer service agents ensure that the passengers and their baggage board the correct aircraft on time. It is also their duty to answer questions regarding flight schedules, such as departures and arrivals. They provide luggage labels and boarding passes to passengers, and they inform them about luggage restrictions. They weigh the luggage and they collect excess weight charges if the weight of the baggage exceeds. If there are nervous passengers or passengers with special needs, an airline customer service agent must attend to them, or they must calm and reassure them.

Airport operation jobs are also one of the Emirates careers that can be considered. Airport operators are responsible in the assessment, evaluation, and coordination of airport operations activities. They also attend to the safety and security needs of the airport. They also assist in the implementation of airport policies and regulations.

These are just some of the many Emirates careers that are available. Emirates recruitment opens opportunities to people who are interested in working for the company.

Latest Emirates Jobs

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