Jet2 Jobs

Jet2 Jobs

Jet2 Jobs – What’s to know?

For those hoping to find a career in a new and expanding field, Jet2 jobs might be the dream job they are looking for. When advisers and such speak about rapidly expanding markets, they mainly focus on technology. While it is true that there are many new Jet2 careers opening up in that field, it is also true that extensive schooling is usually required, and once one enters that field, they often have a lot of burdening debt.

Fortunately, as technology advances, so does air travel and, by extension, the availability of positions in the air field. However, before one can invest in airline careers, it is important to know which companies to apply for. Jet2 is a popular, low-fare airline based in Leeds Bradford Airport in England. Jet2 is small but stable, and has an excellent background, as well as employee satisfaction. Jet2 careers are readily available and are worth looking into for a continuing or start-up career. Limited is a subsidiary of Dart Group PLC, which is a company that distributes aviation services throughout the world. They originally started up in 1983, and began a commercial airline which they dubbed as Channel Express. Originally, they started as a freight airline, but by 2001, they had freight and passenger services available – something that they still offer today. In an effort to create a more friendly name, they renamed their airplane services as As this was happening in 2003, they also started operating in more than one airport, and since then they have established their presence in eight other airports across England, and one more airport in Spain. In 2013, they had over five million customers, breaking a company record.

Trying to be flexible and unique, the airline now allows customers to book flights through three separate channels – their website, travel agencies, and via telephone. This allows jet2 to stand out more than other UK airways, as most only offer two of the three options. Also, in the past four years, on average, they have grown 15.8% annually, and their stock and flight numbers have continued to climb. While they are still relatively small, they are expanding rapidly, and jobs are on the rise. Jet2 recruitment is careful in selecting their employees, but can offer wonderful career opportunities for many.

Popular Jet2 Careers

Jet2 jobs vary and are a good start to having a more stable career. They offer airline jobs such as air hostess jobs, pilot jobs, customer services, apprenticeships, and airport operations. To hold one of the many Jet2 cabin crew jobs means that you are a flight attendant, and are in charge of keeping customers comfortable and happy. You also get the wonderful experience of traveling to many different places, and get the satisfaction of being a qualified professional. The job of a Jet2 pilot is fairly obvious – fly the plane from airport to airport. However, it is also the pilot’s job to ensure that the plane arrives on time, and to manage the cabin crew as well. The pilot must also be personable and offer friendly service to the passengers. Being a pilot can be extremely rewarding, not only income wise, but also regarding experience. It is important to establish a variety of experiences and as a pilot, one would have the opportunity to travel to many different destinations for free.

Another common, but vital, job is in customer service. Employees in Jet2 customer service jobs handle complaints, questions and bookings. They are experts in customer satisfaction and this position does not have much experience required. Among important airport jobs is that of airport operations. Airport operations can involve a variety of different things – making sure that everyone is on time, scheduling flights, handling delays, and ensuring that everything is running as smoothly as possible. This is an essential part of airport operations, so individuals in this field are typically paid well. Jet2 also offers various apprenticeships for all of these positions, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity; as a result, one might make less, but it is an excellent start to an airline career. Jet2 is a stable and growing company, and there are many Jet2 careers opening up daily, so there is no better time than to let your airline career take off with Jet2.

Latest Jet2 Jobs

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