Luton Airport Jobs

Luton Airport Jobs

Luton Airport Jobs – What’s to know?

London Luton airport is an international airport located at the town center of the Borough of Luton in Bedfordshire, England. It is 30.5 nautical miles north of Central London. Being one of the six international airports in London and Southend, Luton Airport is the fourth largest airport in London after Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted. Aside from this, it is the sixth busiest airport in the UK with around 9.7 million passengers passing the airport in 2013. Because of this, there are many jobs in Luton airport to keep the airport running smoothly.

There is a single runway in Luton airport, which measures around 2,160 meters and with an elevation of 160 meters. Rated to Category IIIB, the Instrument Landing System (ILS) of the runway makes the operations in the airport possible even if there is poor visibility. The airport facilities are located north of the runway, while the 60 stands allotted for the aircraft are found on the northern side of the terminal building. There are future plans of expanding the operations of the airport by extending the runway to 3,000 meters. This will result in the flexibility of the airlines’ operations, since there will be an increase in the payload capacity. In addition, a longer runway minimizes the need for holding planes every now and then.

Airlines operating on Luton Airport

Different passenger and cargo airlines operate in Luton airport. These include some of the biggest air companies such as EasyJet, Monarch, Ryanair and Thomson Airways. Other airlines are Atlasjet, El Al, Blue Air, Tarom and WizzAir. The destinations of most of these aircraft are usually within Europe. However, there are also some scheduled flights to Asia and Northern Africa. Aside from passenger airlines, there are cargo airlines operating in the airport such as Atlantic Airlines, MNG Airlines, DHL Aviation, and Turkish Airlines Cargo. Air France Cargo, which is operated by MNG Airlines, and British Airways World Cargo, operated by DHL Aviation, can be found at the Luton Airport as well.

Popular Luton Airport Jobs

There is a wide variety of Luton jobs available at Luton airport. The jobs range from cabin crew jobs, security jobs, hotel jobs, retail jobs, to passenger service jobs. These are open to applicants regardless of the level of their education.

The security in the airport is one of the most crucial factors in its operation. Therefore, airport security officers are vital in ensuring the safety of the passengers. One of their main responsibilities is to check the baggage of passengers with the aid of X-ray scanners and metal detectors. They also monitor if there are suspicious things or activities taking place.

Cabin crew members, on the other hand, make sure that passengers are provided with excellent customer service during their trip. When there are emergency situations, it is the duty of the cabin crew to respond to these situations quickly and calmly, and to provide first aid to passengers if necessary. They also have responsibilities before the flight takes off, such as checking the emergency equipment, food and beverages, supplies, and other flight details.

Other Luton jobs which are concerned with providing passenger service are sky caps and baggage handlers. Sky caps assist travelers in loading and unloading their luggage. They also guide the passengers to their respective check-in areas. Baggage handlers, on the other hand, take the luggage on and off the planes, to make sure that every baggage from the departure city is transferred to the arrival city.

Food service in the airport also opens other job opportunities. There are full-scale restaurants and small food stands that provide jobs such as waiters, dish cleaners, cooks, operations supervisors, and managers. Custodial careers are also available to maintain the cleanliness of the airport.

London Luton airport jobs offer many opportunities to those who are willing to work at the airport.

Latest Luton Airport Jobs

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