Ryanair Jobs

Ryanair Jobs

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Ryanair Jobs – What’s to know?

Ryanair is one of the largest airlines in the UK, providing for thousands of Ryanair jobs. Initially operating under heavy losses and closing part of its operations in 1995, just 10 years after its inception, under the careful guidance of Mr. Michael O’Leary, Ryanair grew from carrying 82,000 passengers to over 2.25 million passengers, becoming one of Europe’s largest passenger airlines. Due to Minister Margaret Thatcher’s deregulations in the airline industry that allowed Ryanair to add more routes, and on-boarding one of Ireland’s wealthiest businesspersons as CEO, Michael O’Leary was tasked with the responsibility of making the airline profitable.

What was at first considered a short-term fix to turn the company around quickly, O’Leary’s business model involved two key components: low, “no frills” fares, and operating a single model of aircraft. In addition to his business savvy, the launching of their website in 2000, selling directly to the public, and offering low fares and online booking, this venue soon contributed significantly to the bottom line, handling over three quarters of all their business.

Although a bumpy ride, the company continued to grow, adding more planes and routes. Over the course of several years, Ryanair made several unsuccessful bids to purchase Aer Lingus in an attempt to minimize the competition. In 2004, Ryanair began to take advantage of new opportunities that would become available with the enlargement of the European Union. As part of their growth plan and forward-momentum, negotiations with Boeing and Airbus for additional planes began in 2009, with expected delivery dates between 2013 and 2016. Due to some unforeseen failures in conciliations with Boeing, only 112 planes were delivered in 2012, increasing the fleet to 300 planes while adding hundreds of additional Ryanair jobs.

With the goal of competing against Virgin Atlantic, Ryanair introduced their low-cost long haul flights that serviced the business class with arrivals in six new airports in the United States. Keeping a watchful eye on the bottom line, Mr. O’Leary eliminated all airport check-in desks, relegating this as an online task, and temporarily grounding 80 flights when the economy took a downturn and fuel costs rose sharply.

Popular Ryanair Careers

Ryanair currently employs over 9500 professionals in many different Ryanair jobs. As they seek to hire only the best, the Ryanair job site boasts: “From the cockpit and cabin to commercial, we want a team that is quick-thinking, fast-acting and hard-working. We want talented people who love a challenge…” (Ryanair, 2014). Unlike other career sites, the Ryanair recruitment site lists Ryanair airlines jobs and vacancies for pilot jobs, cabin crew jobs, airport operations, customer service, and Ryanair apprenticeships, along with the necessary qualifications and how to apply instructions, and details on their future growth plans.

Recruitment needs with specialized categories for Ryanair careers, such as engineering, digital, and IT positions are listed as well. The website offers details for prospective employees, including the requirements of the position, application process, what an applicant can expect, when training will begin, what can be expected in training, and what the company expects in return, along with locations and opening locations, pay scales, and actual employee testimonials.

Ryanair not only offers full training, but also backs up their training with a no-fee guarantee if you do not pass or if you leave the course. Additionally, for those who pass the training course and are hired, a payroll deduction is offered, easing the financial burden. This program creates opportunities for those with little or no money, along with sign-on bonuses and prepayment discounts. The training is offered in several major cities, encouraging interested parties to train and experience a different country as their training location.

Having grown from 15 turbo prop planes to a fleet of 300, Ryanair’s founders, Christopher Ryan, Liam Lonergan, and Tony Ryan, are proud of their accomplishments as they continue to offer low-fare travel across Europe and abroad and allow for thousands of Ryanair jobs.

Latest Ryanair Jobs

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