Singapore Airlines Jobs

Singapore Airlines Jobs

Singapore Airlines is an international airline and one of the world’s leading airlines when talking about revenue passenger kilometres. It is also one of the best-capitalised carriers across the globe. I may be right by saying you are reading this piece because you are interested in a career with this organisation. You will find here useful information on Singapore Airlines jobs and about the airline itself. Hope this helps.

What’s to know about Singapore Airlines?

The history of Singapore Airlines started in May 1947 when Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) was incorporated. The maiden flight of the airline was a chartered flight conducted between the British Straits Settlement of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur using a twin-engine Airspeed Consul aircraft. The Singapore Airlines forerunner quickly grew and, in less than 10 years, had a significant fleet comprising mostly Douglas DC-3 aircraft. In 1957, it became a public company. The airline had its name changed to Malaysian Airways with the formation of the Federation of Malaysia in 1963; again, to Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA) in 1966 when Singapore separated from the federation. A disagreement over route expansion led to cessation of MSA operations in 1972 and to the creation of Singapore Airlines as a single entity.

Based at Changi Airport, Singapore Airlines has a strong presence in Asia and is one of the leading airlines in the region. It is the flag carrier of Singapore, where it is considered a national symbol. The airline ranks in the top 15 among carriers around the globe in terms of revenue passenger kilometres and in the top 10 when it comes to the number of international passengers carried. The Singaporean government, through investment company Temasek Holdings, controls the largest stake in the airline, but it is supposedly not involved in its management. The company was announced in December 2010 as the second best-capitalised airline in the world – a good sign that Singapore Airlines jobs may well be worth giving special attention.

Fleet and Destinations

Singapore Airlines boasts a fleet of more than 100 aircraft. The fleet comprises wide-body aircraft from Airbus A330, Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft families. In total, the fleet was 108 aircraft strong as at August 2015. For those looking for flight-related Singapore Airlines jobs, these positions would be made more interesting by the fact that this leading Asian airline has a policy of renewing its fleet from time to time, thus ensuring enhanced safety.

Flights are operated by Singapore Airlines to about 64 destinations scattered across 35 countries on six continents. The airline’s presence is especially significant in Southeast Asia, connecting Singapore to more international destinations than any of its rival in the region. It also plays a key road on the Kangaroo Route to Australia. Codeshare agreements give Singapore Airlines access to more destinations than it route structure ordinarily covers. Codeshare partners include US Airways, JetBlue Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Singapore Airlines Careers

There are several thousands of Singapore Airlines jobs available. As at 2014, this internationally-recognised airline had almost 24,000 employees on its payroll. These Singapore Airlines jobs could make for really exciting and rewarding careers since the company realises that its success has been made possible through the efforts of people working for it, meaning further success will be determined by future employees. It may be safe to assume that these jobs come with great salaries and exciting benefits based on this reality.

Singapore Airlines jobs are not restricted to highly technical roles, but they vary so much that people of virtually all levels of skills can qualify to find one. Below are some of the most popular openings that can be found at any time.

Pilot – The existence of an airline is practically impossible without pilots. This job is arguably the most important among all Singapore Airlines jobs. The main duty of pilots is to fly aircraft to assigned destinations safely. In addition, they have to ensure that weather conditions are favourable before embarking on a flight. Advanced training is required to work as a pilot.

Cabin crew – People working as part of a cabin crew have the duty of ensuring the wellbeing of passengers while on board. This job is one of the most glamorous Singapore Airlines jobs offering you opportunity to visit many great locations across the globe with no extra money coming out of your pocket. Great customer service skills are required to thrive in this position, though.

Customer service agent – From time to time, passengers or customers have a question or two to ask about their flights and other airline services. Who do they go to? Customer service agents. These employees are trained to provide answers to whatever questions passengers might have. They provide information on departures and arrivals, amongst others.

There are numerous other ground-based Singapore Airlines jobs available. You can join as a specialist or, if you are an inexperienced graduate, as a generalist. Under the SIA Executives Programme (SEP), you will be able to work in different divisions of the airline as a generalist to gain experience in diverse areas – this may be useful if you ever need a career change. The Asian airline advises those interested in Singapore Airlines jobs to be on the lookout for new openings every March and October.

If you desire a job that holds a promise of career advancement, one of Singapore Airlines jobs might just be worth considering. The airline says it believes in helping its employees attain their full potential and, to this end, offers a wide array of learning and development opportunities. These include site visits, exposure attachments and general management and leadership programmes. You are assigned a mentor in your first year on the job to help you adapt faster and guide you up the ladder. Singapore Airlines says it sets aside more than $125 million a year on training of employees to equip them with better competence.

Salaries and Benefits

The salaries that come with Singapore Airlines jobs are attractive, but may not be the best that can be obtained in the aviation industry. However, the benefits that are offered for these jobs will probably more than make up for the rather average pay. Some people who have worked on Singapore Airlines jobs in the past have spoken well about these benefits, which include travel benefits as well as medical and dental care. This is not to forget the fact that these jobs, especially cabin crew jobs and those that require interacting with passengers, offers you opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. They also enable you learn new cultures.

Facts about Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines operate out of Terminal 2 at London Heathrow Airport. The £2.5-billion terminal was officially opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 23 June 2014 – this very likely explained why the terminal is known as ‘The Queen’s Terminal.’ The new terminal building replaced the first passenger terminal of the same name built back in 1955 and was fitted with state-of-the-art technology for the best of passenger experience.

The airline offers a great in-flight entertainment system known as KrisWorld on some of its Airbus and Boeing aircraft. At its introduction in 1997, the entertainment system beat out similar offerings by some rival airlines. The in-flight entertainment system has been upgraded over the years, with personal TVs now offered in all classes of the airline’s aircraft – Singapore Airlines is one of just few airlines across the world that can boast of this.

Singapore Airlines was a launch customer of the world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380. This aircraft is among those in the airline’s fleet that boasts the latest KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system – the others being the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777-300ER. The Airbus A380 aircraft family is the only one with Singapore Airlines Suites, a class for luxury-conscious passengers.

When looking to work with a prestigious organisation, Singapore Airlines might just fit the bill. It was named the most attractive employer in its home country for a third consecutive year in 2014. The honour was presented at the Randstad Awards, which recognises companies that people in Singapore would love to work for. With the feat of three straight awards as the most attractive employer, the airline was inducted into the Randstad Award Hall of Fame.

Starting a Career at Singapore Airlines

If a career with this leading Asian airline sounds attractive to you, then you need to get your search underway immediately. It is a good idea to first know the different jobs you can get at Singapore Airlines – some of which we have already discussed about earlier – as well as the sort or level of training that will be required to fit in the role. You will find our partner website Airport Career useful in your search. On that site, which has an expansive job board, you can find all the information you need on available Singapore Airlines jobs. You will be able to learn what individual jobs entail as well as their requirements. In addition, salary information for these jobs can also be accessed.

In order not miss out on any interesting opening at Singapore Airlines, you will do well to check the job board frequently. The vacant positions do not stay open for long.