Stansted Airport Jobs

Stansted Airport Jobs

Stansted Airport Jobs – What’s to know?

Stansted airport is a UK-based international airport situated in Uttlesford, in the county of Essex. It holds the reputation of being the fourth busiest airport in the UK. This airport is known to handle various low-cost flights in Europe, and is considered the largest base for the cost-effective airline Ryanair. The airline serves more than 100 destinations in the region.

The airport played an important role in the Second World War, as a bomber base and a crucial maintenance depot. Back then, it was mainly used by the Royal Air Force from Britain, and the US air strike unit. When the war came to an end and the US air force withdrew its men, the airport was used for other tasks. It was once used as a training base for all aviation fire crews.

When it was placed under the control of the British Airports Authority, it was used by private charter travelers who wanted to avoid the high costs of operating from Gatwick or Heathrow. The British government then decided to expand the airport to divert traffic from other leading airports in the country, therefore reducing airline congestion. This is how the airport began to rise in terms of annual traffic and popularity all over the region.

Airlines operating on Stansted Airport

The expansion of the airport attracted even more airlines to book their spaces. Some of the most popular passenger airlines that use Stansted airport include Air Moldova, Atlantic Airways, Etihad Regional, Flybe, easyJet, Germanwings, Thomas Cook Airlines, Titan Airways, and Thomson Airways. On the other hand, cargo airlines include ABX Air, Coyne Airways, Emirates SkyCargo, Cargolux, UPS Airlines, Silk Way Airlines,, Nordic Global Airlines, Panalpina, and FedEx. In 2007, the airport received more than 24 million visitors, one of the highest numbers in its 71-year history.

Popular Stansted Airport Jobs

The continuous growth and expansion of the popular airport has created numerous jobs at Stansted Airport for both locals and foreigners. The airport now offers jobs in virtually all departments. For example, so many airlines are recruiting new workers in the food and hospitality department. They are always on the lookout for skilled and committed people who can provide quality customer service as per the international standards.

The airport has also created more employment opportunities in the security department. Some airline companies at the airport are frequently looking for terminal security officers and general security supervisors. Some of the responsibilities of this kind of job include screening of passengers, operating equipment such as x-rays, patrolling the terminals, and so on.

Drivers and customer service providers are also in demand at Stansted airport; these are some of the most common jobs at Stansted Airport. It is also good to bear in mind that there are so many companies working at the airport that need more workers. You can always go through the internet to find more jobs at Stansted airport that suit your qualifications and preferences.

Some Stansted airport jobs may require previous experience, but others do not. For example, some positions, such as security, require additional training to suit the airport environment. The training is usually provided by the hiring company and, in most cases, it is free of charge.

Now that the airport has reached the international standards, you should expect countless job opportunities similar to the ones found in other international airports all over the world. These Stansted Airport jobs are divided into different categories such as cabin crew jobs, passenger service jobs, hotel jobs, retail jobs, security jobs, and much more. As the airport continues to grow in size and traffic, you should expect even more Stansted jobs in the future. For now, if you have always wanted to work in the aviation industry, Stansted airport has many employment opportunities available for you.

Latest Stansted Airport Jobs

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