Thomas Cook Jobs

Thomas Cook Jobs

Thomas Cook Jobs – What’s to know?

Having its major bases in the London Gatwick Airport and Manchester, England, Thomas Cook jobs are offered on different major holiday resorts all over the world. The merging of Thomas Cook AG and MyTrave Group PLC led to the formation of the airline on March 30, 2008. Its operation started in the summer of 2008 with the Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Other Thomas Group airlines, which include Thomas Cook airlines Condor and Belgium, were merged on February 4, 2013. As a British charter airline, it has eight additional bases in the United Kingdom, which include East Midlands airport, London Stansted airport, Belfast International airport, and Cardiff International airport. Its other bases include Glasgow International airport, Birmingham airport, Newcastle airport, and Bristol airport. In terms of passengers carried, Thomas Cook airlines was the sixth largest airline in the UK in 2013, having carried more than six million passengers. It has 30 Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, but in 2012 it started to replace the Boeing 757 craft with Airbus A320 in order to have a standardized fleet. Because it has the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating License, the airline can operate aircrafts with 20 or more seats to carry mail, passengers, and cargo. The in-flight meals served by Thomas Cook airlines are designed by the famous chef James Martin, which can be ordered before booking a flight. If passengers have not ordered meals prior to booking their flight, they can refer to the “Look what we’ve found” meals available from the cabin crew.

Popular Thomas Cook Careers

Different Thomas Cook jobs are available through the airline. Interested applicants can apply as a cabin crew members, security agents, airport retail store managers, along with other passenger service jobs. The safety of the passengers and the entire airport is ensured by the security agents. It is the responsibility of the security agents to check the passengers and their luggage, their proper identification, and, in some cases, their vehicles. This is to ensure that every passenger who enters the airport will not be a threat to its security. Although the security agents inspect the passengers, they must always remain polite to every passenger as they check whether or not they comply with the security protocols of the airport. One of the popular Thomas Cook airlines jobs is the cabin crew. To be a Thomas Cook cabin crew member, you need to have excellent customer service and knowledge of first aid administration. The cabin crew assists the passengers in boarding the plane, especially passengers with special needs. The members are also responsible in checking if the baggage is properly stored. The serving of food and drinks and the selling of duty free items are other responsibilities of the cabin crew. It is also their job to explain the emergency procedures to passengers. In cases of emergency, the cabin crew must face the situation calmly, with an alert and quick response to passengers’ needs. When passengers disembark the plane, the cabin crew must see to it that passengers are assisted properly. You can also venture in Thomas Cook careers such as passenger service and retail management jobs. The airline customer service agent must have the skills to deal with and communicate with people from different cultural backgrounds. It is his or her job to attend to the needs of passengers, such as checking their seat numbers and answering their questions. A retail store manager, on the other hand, must be competent in strategizing marketing plans for the airport retail shops to be profitable. If you are interested in applying for these Thomas Cook jobs, you can check Thomas Cook recruitment regarding the specific requirements for each airport job on our job board.

Latest Thomas Cook Jobs

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