Thomson Jobs

Thomson Jobs

Thomson Jobs – What’s to know?

For many of those looking into working for an airline, it only makes sense that one applies to the very best airlines for one of the Thomson jobs. Fortunately, most of the best airlines are large enough that there many jobs readily available, such as Thomson Airways Limited. In particular, Thomson jobs are a smart path to take if one wants to invest in airway jobs as a career. Thomson careers are beneficial and convenient, and the company offers a wide variety of positions. Also, one would be working for an airway with a rich history and background.

Thomson Airways Destinations

Thomson Airways wasn’t always known as Thomson Airways. Its roots are in fact in Euravia, an airline company that started back in 1962. This airline tried to create as many connections as possible, as well as provide many choices for their customers. When it was renamed Britannia Airways, in 1964, its goals were the same, and it quickly expanded. In 1989, the airway became even more prominent when they bought Orion Airways and merged all of its connections into Britannia Airways. By the turn of the century, Britannia Airways was one of the world’s largest charter airlines for the UK, offering flights from the UK and the Republic of Ireland to many destinations across the world. These destinations included airports all over Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America – an ambitious feat that the company continues into today, working to add more destinations to their schedules and maps.

Early in 2005, Britannia Airways was renamed Thomson Airways Limited, and the company worked closely with large tourist companies to provide the best service and convenience available for their customers. Once they had merged with multiple tourist agencies and acquired even more destinations, staff, and resources, they became the world’s largest charter airline – a title that they still hold today. With this new title, they also worked on re-designing their company logo and color scheme to be more visually appealing. They have succeeded, and the now sleek color design is well-known throughout Europe. Because of Thomson Airways’ multiple merges, they are very financially secure, and are one of the most stable companies to work for. They are also well-known for their positive treatment of employees.

Popular Thomson Careers

Due to the company’s large size and monopoly on charter flights, the number of Thomson airways jobs are extensive. They also offer a variety of careers, some of the most popular being Thomson pilot jobs, Thomson cabin crew jobs, Thomson airport operations, Thomson customer service jobs and, of course, Thomson apprenticeships. Thomson recruitment works closely with qualified individuals to ensure that they are being placed in the appropriate and well-fit job. Because of Thomson Airways’ size, piloting jobs are almost always available. The pilot is the individual who flies the plane from destination to destination; they also help ensure that the plane is on time and not delayed. There are usually two pilots per plane – the pilot and co-pilot. This career is particularly popular, due to the annual income and the opportunity to see different places worldwide.

On the same note, the cabin crew jobs can be just as full of new experiences. The cabin crew sees to the comfort and the safety of the passengers, all while experiencing exotic locations. They also are paid fairly well, but not as well as the pilots. Both the pilots and the crew tend to work odd hours, but this can be made up because of time zones.

The airport operations job is given to a qualified individual who makes sure that everything is running smoothly. They can work from a number of different locations, and can be in charge of scheduling and making sure that airplanes are on track. They also can make a solid income. The customer service representatives for Thomson Airways handle customer complaints and satisfaction, and are most concerned with making sure that the customer is satisfied and comfortable. Most often, they will train on the job, and not many qualifications are necessary for this position. Whether to work for a great company or to jump start an airway career, Thomson Airways is an excellent place to start so make sure you grab on of the many Thomson jobs.

Latest Thomson Jobs

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