United Airlines Jobs

United Airlines Jobs

The list of the world’s leading airlines is not complete without United Airlines featuring conspicuously on such. In terms of number of global destinations served, it is the largest airline in the world. So if anyone is interested in an airport career in the UK or anywhere this airline operates, it is one of the places the search should cover. This post provides information on all you need to know about this international major airline as well as on United Airlines jobs.

About United Airlines

United Airlines, as it is known today, is the result of several mergers over the years. The history of the airline is traced to Varney Air Lines air mail service ran by Walter Varney, the founder of Continental Airlines’ precursor Varney Speed Lines. The carrier, which was established in 1926, conducted the first ever Contract Air Mail flight in the history of the United States. Varney Airlines was one of several airlines bought by aviation pioneer William Boeing in the late 1920s to form his own airline, which eventually merged with Pratt & Whitney to create the United Aircraft and Transport Corporation (UATC) in 1929. Since then, United has witnessed several other mergers, the latest of which was the one with concluded with Continental Airlines in 2010. The airline had in 1991 bought rights to routes to London Heathrow Airport then operated by Pan American World Airways.

Headquartered in Chicago, USA, United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance airline partnership, which it co-founded in 1997. It operates out of nine hubs located in the continental United States and Asian country of Japan, with its largest passenger-carrying hub being Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport. It has numerous thousands of people on its payroll. Trading under its parent company United Continental Holdings, the airline had a market capitalization in excesses of $18 billion, as of September 2014. It became the largest employee-owned corporation in the world when it agreed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) with its employees in 1994 – a consideration that may make United Airlines jobs more attractive.


United Airlines takes the crown among the world’s airlines in terms of destinations served. It flies to over 375 destinations spread across around numerous countries in Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. It is one of few airlines around the world that flies to all six continents that are inhabited by humans. The airline has made significant effort to expand its international operations in recent years, with this being particularly more focused on Asia and South America. United is the topmost U.S. carrier serving the People’s Republic of China when talking about capacity. It has codeshare or marketing agreements with several airlines across the globe, including Aer Lingus, Air Dolomiti, Asiana Airlines, Azul Brazilian Airlines, Germanwings, Hawaiian Airlines and Jet Airways, with this enabling it to have access to many countries. The airline is the only U.S. carrier with flights to Oslo, Berlin and Hamburg.

Careers at United Airlines

With about 85,000 people on its payroll across the globe, this airline is one to give special thought by anyone interested in having a career in the air travel industry. United Airlines jobs are available in different areas all of which synchronise to get daily operations moving smoothly in the different places where the airline operates. Below are a number of popular United Airlines jobs:

Airline pilots – It is understandable that the position of airline pilots is among the most popular United Airlines jobs. Without these professionals, an airline will not be able to run since there will be nobody to fly planes. In addition to flying aircraft, pilots determine if weather conditions are right for flying and also review flight plans and aircraft logs. They are arguably the best-paid airline employees.

Flight attendants/Cabin Crew – These are the people that provide in-flight services to passengers. In addition to serving food and drinks, flight attendants help to ensure the safety of passengers, respond to inquiries and assist travelling people with disabilities. You need to be at least 19 years old and possess good customer service skills to be considered for this role at United. It also helps to be able to speak at least one other language, in addition to English.

Customer service agents – Inquiries by passengers are directed principally at customer service agents, who are expected to provide useful information, including arrival and departure times, to help passenger board their flights in timely manner. Holders of this type of United Airlines jobs assign luggage labels as well as weigh baggage and collect excess weight charges when limits are exceeded. Customer service agents are essentially the face of the airline in a way and need to portray the right image to passengers.

The above are only a few of United Airlines jobs that you can come across on job boards, especially the one on our partner website Airport Career (www.airportcareer.co.uk). The job opportunities are available at Heathrow Airport from time to time. These positions are spread across several areas, including engineering, accounts, security, maintenance and marketing.

Benefits and Privileges

In addition to salaries which are probably among the best in the country, United Airlines jobs come with attractive benefits and travel privileges. You get to enjoy performance bonus when you help the airline achieve its flight arrival, departure and/or customer satisfaction goals for any month. There is also a bonus for maintaining a perfect attendance at work over a given period. A profit-sharing plan further makes United Airlines jobs more attractive.

The airline provides competitive retirement benefits and vacation and sick pay as well as mental and dental insurance. There is also personal accident insurance and an employee assistance program, which offers diverse forms of assistance to staff members, including on advice on relationship issues. There are several other benefits that come with United Airlines jobs, including reduced-rate travel privileges for both employees and their family members.

Latest United Airlines Jobs

Our partner site Airport Career has an extensive job board with the latest United Airlines careers. Here you will find job descriptions and requirements, salary information and required training.

Miscellaneous Facts about United Airlines

United Airlines boasts a very large fleet of mainline aircraft, the figure of which stood at over 700 as of June 2015. The fleet is comprised mostly of Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-900ER, Airbus A320-200, Airbus A319-100, Boeing 757-200 and Boeing 777-200ER aircraft. It was the first carrier in the U.S. to take delivery of the twin-engine jet airliner Boeing 787 Dreamliner in September 2012. In addition, the airline has also placed orders for about 200 new aircraft, meaning more United Airlines jobs are probably on the way.

If you happen to be someone who is environmentally conscious, it will interest you to know that United Airlines is also making efforts, in its own little ways, to help protect the environment. These measures include a conversion to paperless flight decks and replacement of traditional flight bags with greener electronics flight bags (EFBs). United became the world’s first airline, in 2011, to fly a commercial aviation flight operated by an “Eco-Skies” Boeing 737-800 aircraft using a microbially-derived bio-fuel. In 2012, the airline announced it has ordered for 100 more fuel-efficient Boeing 737 MAX 9s to replace its less fuel-efficient Boeing 757-200s.

United Airlines has several sponsorship arrangements. It sponsors seven major professional sports teams in the U.S. city of Chicago, namely: the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Fire, Sky and White Sox. It used to be a sponsor to the Chicago Cubs until the team decided to switch camps to rival American Airlines in 2015. It sponsors several other sports teams as well.

The Waikiki Seaside Hotel, which is situated in Honolulu, Hawaii, used to belong to United Airlines and was used by the airline’s flight crew until it was sold in 2012.

Begin Your United Airlines Career

If you are a dedicated and customer-focused individual, one of the numerous United Airlines jobs that are available from time to time might be for you. The airline almost always has its doors open to people with the right skills and qualifications as it aims to reinvent itself ‘from the ground up.’ One interesting fact is that openings are available from time to time for diverse levels of experience. United Airlines prides itself as offering employees room to come up with innovative ideas and attain their full potential. There is virtually no limit to how far you can advance in your desired career with United Airlines so long you are committed and have the right attitude and qualifications.

You can visit the Airport Career site mentioned earlier for information on latest United Airlines jobs. You will find job descriptions and salary information, among other useful information, on the job board there.

Landing one of the numerous United Airlines jobs could be a smart career move that you will look back on in years to come and be happy you were able to do so. It is hoped that the information presented here will help you in making that first move.