Virgin Atlantic Jobs

Virgin Atlantic Jobs

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Virgin Atlantic Jobs: A Career with A Famous Airline

Those of the masses that travel via airplane who do not know of Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson definitely should. He is the founder and head of Virgin Group, consisting of over 400 companies including Virgin Records, Travel City Direct, and Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic was founded in June of 1984 by co-founders Randolph Fields (an American lawyer), and Alan Hellary (a former pilot), to supply commuters with the option of flying between London and the Falkland Islands after the conclusion of the Falklands War. Virgin Airlines jobs were initially taken over by Alan Hellary’s industry contacts that were currently displaced following the collapse of Laker Airways in 1982.

Virgin Atlantic Jobs Locations

In its infant years, Virgin Atlantic struggled to find funding and a consistent customer flow, due to the worldwide recession of the late 1980s into the early 1990s, and the generalized lack of air travel surrounding the uncertainty of the Persian Gulf War. However, due to the bankruptcy of independent British airline Dan Air Services Limited, Virgin Atlantic was able to secure many landing slots in international airports (such as London’s Heathrow Airport and Tokyo’s Narita Airport), which allowed the needed space for the airline to flourish and made sure of hundreds of Virgin Atlantic jobs. Though Virgin Atlantic would undergo many alterations in management and financial turmoil over the course of the next couple decades, it currently has an increasing revenue of £2.90 billion as of 2013.

Virgin Atlantic = Famous!

In addition to its ordinary day-to-day use, Virgin Atlantic has also been featured in major motion pictures, most notably in two of the most recent installments of the James Bond franchise, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Quantum of Solace.’ In the former film, Sir Branson and many Virgin Atlantic crew members were also featured in a scene shot at Prague’s Ruzyně International Airport. In addition to its silver screen fame, Virgin Atlantic has also announced its plans to incorporate the use of plant and algae-based biofuels, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower fuel expenditure, making it one of the airlines in the forefront of aviation innovation. So there’s a slight chance that when you’re working in one of the Virgin Airlines careers you get famous too.

Virgin Atlantic Careers Requirements

Virgin Atlantic careers are open to those of all backgrounds and education levels, from apprenticeships, to pilots, and airport operations. Virgin Atlantic recruitment of pilots adheres to a very strict hiring procedure. First and foremost, it is required that those applying must have the right to work in the United Kingdom, and be a Native English speaker, or have Level 6 English Language proficiency. All pilots applying to be Virgin Atlantic pilots must also have completed 3,000 hours of flying experience, come with an established Airbus or Boeing rating, and must also have an additional 1000 hours ‘on type.’

Virgin Atlantic Cabin Crew Jobs

However, as for those applying for Virgin Airlines jobs in customer service, the prerequisites are a little less intense, but still quite rigorous. For cabin crew positions, Virgin Atlantic looks for those with strong, customer-friendly attitudes, adhering to personal high standards of professionalism. Those who interact with the commuters genuinely enjoy their positions, helping customers to solve issues, and ensuring comfortable flights that build on the existing reputation for great service that Virgin Atlantic customers have come to expect.

As for those in customer services within Virgin Atlantic operating centers located in airports, the same attitude of professionalism and courtesy is expected. As those working in one of the Virgin Atlantic cabin crew jobs would expect a high standard of personability and candor in the services they receive, so are the standards given to those customers utilizing the airline. Customer Service representatives are the face of Virgin Atlantic that is presented to the public, and so training and hiring procedures are extensive and highly selective.

Virgin Atlantic Apprenticeships

For those wanting to enter a Virgin Atlantic careers path, there also exists the possibilities of a Virgin Atlantic apprenticeship in engineering training. The Virgin Atlantic Academy of Engineering Training (also known as AET) is an organization providing courses in the maintenance of aircraft as well as courses in safety and utilization of standard equipment. AET issues licenses to serve major and independent airlines (alongside Virgin Atlantic), and independent contractors. The end result of AET (and likewise Virgin Atlantic) is vividly clear: to provide the best aviation specialists in the business.

Latest Virgin Atlantic Jobs

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