Heathrow airport year 10 work experiences

Heathrow airport year 10 work experiences

Heathrow airport, the businesses that operate at Heathrow, and the airlines that fly in and out of London all provide year 10 work experiences for students that need to fulfill a work experience requirement. Most positions are one week long and are designed to give you an experience that mimics what it is like to work at that company in a specific position.

As a student work experiences are a great opportunity to:

  1. Experience a potential employer
  2. Try a potential job
  3. Meet people who you can ask for help or references for in the future
  4. Find out what it is like to work in a “real job”

According to an employer survey conducted by Gumtree 90% of employers think that a successful work experience provided a benefit for those applying for jobs.,

At Heathrow Airport there are many opportunities for work experiences. Two of the most popular programs are:

  1. British Airways Work Experiences
  2. Heathrow Airport Work Experiences

British Airways Work Experiences

BAA provides a work experience program all across England, essentially wherever they fly. The program is easy to find on their website and applying is also easy. The schedule generally starts in October and updated information is provided on the British Airways Careers website. The openings are literally listed as job openings at the company.

British Airways Careers Website

Heathrow Airport Work Experiences

Heathrow Airport provides a work experience program in several different job families found at the airport. These are specific to the positions available there, rather than at the retailers or airlines. Heathrow welcomes applications via email. Read the Work Experiences page for detailed information on what to include in your email so that you get their attention.

Heathow Airport Work Experiences

If you are aware of other work experience programs available at Heathrow please let me know by using the Contact form and I will be happy to include the information here.