Air hostess training and requirements

Air hostess training and requirements

Air hostess training (a.k.a. cabin crew training)

There isn’t a strict education required for becoming an air hostess (besides a GCSE level in English and maths for most companies), but taking air hostess training will increase your chance of being hired. Some courses will provide you with training which is similar to the air hostess training you would receive from an airline company. This gives you a benefit over those who didn’t had some air hostess training, which will likely make you stand out of the crowd. Remember, there are far more applicants than air hostess jobs, and coming in prepared and well trained shows your dedication. And it will help you in the selection process as well, since the airliners’ own air hostess training is frequently used to see who’s the right fit for the job.

All of the air hostess courses cost money, and this is an investment which you should consider. There is no guarantee that getting air hostess training will get you an air hostess job. But as mentioned, it does increase you chances of getting hired. There is however, an excellent air hostess course which you can take online which lowers the costs. Other courses require you to come to a training facility in the UK, which will give you one or more days training on-site. These are however the more expensive courses.

Air hostess requirements

Even though there isn’t a strict educational requirement, there are a number of air hostess requirements in place for you to get the job. These requirements are in place given your workplace (confined space) and responsibilities (you represent the airline company and it’s regulations). A typical British Airways vacancy would have these air hostess requirements:

  • To be aged 18 or over at the time of application
  • To be the required height, 5’2 – 6’1 with weight in proportion, and meet the minimum reach requirement
  • To be medically fit to meet regulatory and role requirements
  • To have English and Maths to GCSE level or equivalent
  • To have proven customer service experience
  • To have a valid passport (with minimum of 12 months before expiry date) allowing unrestricted worldwide travel with the unrestricted right to live and work in the UK
  • To be prepared to undergo a Criminal Record Check for all countries of residence for six months or more in the previous five years
  • To be able to provide 5 years of continuous references (educational/employment)
  • To wear the British Airways uniform to the required standard and be able to conceal any tattoos or body piercings in line with the British Airways uniform standards
  • To be prepared to remove any headwear in the event of an emergency
  • Strong experience of working within a customer service environment
  • Ideally, you have completed in-person air hostess training or online cabin crew training

As you can see, most of these air hostess requirements are pretty standard. There is a strong emphasis on customer service experience. The best way to get this experience, is by getting one of the customer service jobs at Heathrow Airport itself. Sometimes you can start working at the customer service desk for an airline company, and work your way up to air hostess.

Start Your Career

If you fit in the air hostess requirements, and get a decent air hostess training, you will certainly have a good chance for getting your dream job.