Airline jobs at Heathrow Airport

Airline jobs at Heathrow Airport

This article gives you an insight about airline jobs at Heathrow Airport, what kind of work you can do, and how much you will be earning. With almost 100 airline companies operating at Heathrow Airport, you can imagine there are a lot of airline jobs at Heathrow.

What kind of jobs can I expect?

You can become an pilot, join a cabin crew or work in passenger services. But that’s not all, since airline companies also need technical staff for aircraft maintenance or engine management. And there is also lots of work to be done in terminal management, and operations planning and control.

Who will I be working for?

There are three major companies operating on Heathrow Airport. It is the primary hub for British Airways and BMI, and an operating base for Virgin Atlantic. These companies offer a lot of employment opportunities in all the above disciplines. But, tens of other airline companies offer jobs at Heathrow as well. You can find these jobs in the airline vacancies section of this site. You will also find a lot of other Heathrow vacancies on this site by the way.

What kind of work will I be doing?

The work of a pilot, a cabin crew member or passenger service agent speaks for itself since they are highly visible in the plane or when you board. But what most people don’t realize is that there are thousands of peoples working behind the scenes of an airline company. If you want to work as close as possible to the planes, you should choose a career in airport operations or engineering. Airport operations if responsible for logistics (both passenger and their baggage), planning and co-ordination of the flights and just make sure every flight goes as smoothly as possible. In engineering you make sure the planes keep flying. Being responsible for logistics in the engineering department means getting the right part to the right plane, getting it fueled and fix it when it’s damaged. Of course there are a lot more jobs to be done at an airline company. Marketing, accounting and IT are disciplines which every large company has. Airline companies are no exception, and if you are looking for reduced air fare travel as part of your benefits, they are a great fit.

What will I be earning?

Salaries for airline jobs at Heathrow are usually higher than those at regional airports. Furthermore, it depends of the employer you pick. You can choose to work for an airline company directly, or through one of the outsource companies working closely with them. Large companies like Parc Aviation generally have a higher base pay than airline companies, but the rewards and benefits of the latter make it up for it. Working directly for an airline company means reduced air fare travel, and generous holiday benefits. At most companies it’s possible not to fly back with the crew you came in on a certain flight, but take a few days of vacation and explore the area. And if you want to know how much you will be earning, here are some indications:

Aircraft mechanic salary:

Working on airplanes can give you quite a decent income. But since these salaries are much more depending on your education, negotiation skills and how specific your knowledge is. But you can make around £18,000 – £20,000 a year when you are at the beginning of your career, to around £28,000 – £35,000 a year when you have around 10 years experience.

Airline pilot salary:

The salary of pilots depend a lot on experience and flight years. The starting salary for a “fresh” airline pilot is around £20,500 – £24,000 year, depending on whether you work at a small or big airliner. Once you get more experienced and become first officer, you can earn up to around £45,000 a year. And once you become captain, you will be getting a salary like £55,000 – £80,000 a year at a medium-size airline company, to £100,000 – £150,000 a year when working for one of the major airliners. You can find a lot of pilot vacancies on this site.

Cabin crew salary:

Cabin crew salaries start at around £12,500 – £ 16,000 a year when you just start your career. When you have about 5 years experience, you can expect to earn around £16,000 – £21,000 a year. And when you make it to senior cabin crew member, you will be looking at something like £26,000 – £30,000 a year. We also got some more information about becoming an air cabin crew. And, you can find vacancies for cabin crew vacancies on this site.

Passenger service agent salary:

The salary of a passenger service agent starts at around £11,000 – £12,000 per year, and will rise to about £16,000 – £18,000 per year. If you move up the ranks, you can become a passenger service manager, and than your salary will start at around £21,000 per year. To get started, browse around the passenger service agent vacancies.
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