Cabin crew jobs UK

Cabin crew jobs UK

Different Kinds of Cabin Crew Jobs UK

If you want to work in airlines, you can apply on cabin crew jobs UK. Typically, the staffs on airplanes can be divided into two categories which include cabin crew and flight crews. Cabin crews are the people in-charge for ensuring comfort of the passengers. The flight crews are the ones who manages the airplane while flying in the air, so most of the time you won’t see them.

Cabin crew job description

Air cabin crew can be referred as flight attendant, stewardess, or even air hostess. There are no differences between these positions. They do the same job for the passengers. Sometimes, they have specific jobs but, their common role is to ensure the safety of every passenger in the airplane. They provide the things that passengers need. If there’s an old person, the air cabin crew or flight attendant is responsible for its comfort. These crews also sell duty-free items for passengers.

All air cabin crews undergo briefing about their flight details and many more. In this meeting before take-off, air cabin crews will know the number of babies, old people, or someone who needs special care. After their flight, they are required to write their reports and it must be submitted to their superior.

Majority of air cabin crew jobs are open to females. Airlines seldom get male flight attendants. It is because women having caring personality which is beneficial for airline passengers. Cabin crew careers are said to be one of the popular jobs in the world. This is because it has many benefits to offer. Air cabin crews get the chance to visit one country to another. They experience different scenery. Most of all, they have the opportunity to know the culture and traditions of some countries. There are still a lot of opportunities in numerous airlines. Apply on cabin crew jobs UK and experience the benefits that you can enjoy.

A cabin crew job is not only exciting because you get to see the world a lot, but it’s financially also very rewarding. Cabin crew salary will start at around £12,500 – £ 16,000 a year, which can grow to something in the range of £16,000 – £ 21,000 a year after 5 years of experience. And if you make it to senior cabin crew member (purser for example), you can earn around £26,000 – £ 30,000 a year

Cabin crew recruitment
There are currently a lot of cabin crew jobs Heathrow Airport.
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Cabin Crew Jobs

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