Heathrow customer service jobs

Heathrow customer service jobs

The customers of Heathrow Airport ensure that it is one of the busiest airports in the world, and those employed in Heathrow customer service jobs will find themselves in a fascinating place to work. Dealing with the myriad customers who walk through the doors of Heathrow daily will be challenging, but ultimately a rewarding job for anyone who takes a customer service job within its confines.

Who will I be working for?

Customer Service jobs at Heathrow airport can be under the auspices of various different companies, and of these, you would be involved in slightly different duties, all of which would involve working in a customer service capacity. These jobs would involve interacting with customers and ensuring that any issues that may befall them whilst they are experiencing the services available at Heathrow airport are dealt with. Furthermore, working for a ground handling company involves, on the customer service side, ensuring that passengers are checked in for their flight in an efficient and safe manner.

What kind of work will I be doing?

The following duties would be involved in this job:

Using computers to check baggage and passengers in.
– Helping to board flights.
– Ensuring passports and visas are correct.
– Following safety and security rules.
– Ensuring that all aircraft depart at the correct time.
– Making announcements over the PA system.
– Reconciliation of paperwork.
– Assisting any passengers with Special needs.
– Working in a busy environment and dealing with customers.
– Conversing and dealing with Dispatch and Ramp agents.

Working in Heathrow Airport, you would be responsible with the servicing of over 65 million passengers on an annual basis. You’d also be responsible for dealing with customers from over 90 countries, who will be heading to 180 destinations around the world. Handling these myriad customers from different backgrounds will be a challenging and enjoyable experience for anyone who wants something interesting in the workplace.

What is required from me?

Customer Service jobs in the airport can run from as early in the morning as 4am and finish as late as midnight. The work does take place on a fairly full time basis, but the nature of the work can often mean that the job does not conform to a normal work schedule. This could be beneficial to anyone looking for a more flexible manner of working.

Heathrow Airport is focussed on ‘making every journey better’ for the passengers who go through the airport on a daily basis. As a member of a customer service team, you’d be highly responsible for this, ensuring that in all interactions passengers have an enjoyable experience. Heathrow would look to you to retain the level of support that allows Heathrow to be the UK’s number one airport.

For candidates interested in this role, excellent communication skills are ideal.

What will I be earning?

The level of financial reward for a job of this nature is usually well above minimum wage, and increases even further as you remain in the job, and this, therefore, shows how interesting and beneficial financially the job can be to you as an employee. As an indication you can expect to earn around £16,000 – 18,000 per annum.

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Customer Service Jobs

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