Passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow

Passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow

The daily face of Heathrow Airport are the people working in different passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow. They perform check in jobs and supervise the boarding of the planes so that everything goes as fast and smooth as possible.

Who will I be working for?

You will be working for Heathrow Airport itself, of for one of the supporting companies. This function is ideal for outsourcing, which means you will work for an outsource company, and service passengers from different airline companies.

What kind of work can I do as passenger service agent?

If you accept one of these passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow, you will end up working with a variety of people throughout your work week. On a Monday, you might end up assisting a college student trying to get home to attend to a family emergency. If his or her desired flight is full, you will do everything in your power to ensure that he or she is able to return home in a timely fashion. On Thursday, you might have to track down a passenger who has family waiting for her, but has missed a connecting flight in Paris. On Saturday, you could have to deal with a customer losing some very important baggage. These scenarios are all very different, but they all involve you helping people who have run into difficulty and are now relying on you to improve their trip.

All of these different scenarios make passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow very exciting. This is much different from commuting to the West End to sit in an office every day, as you will be in charge of helping keep one of the busiest airports in the world running smoothly. You will meet interesting people on a daily basis who will brighten your day. You will also be responsible for brightening the day of those who have encountered problems in their travels.

What is required from me?

It requires a very special person to fulfill the passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow that are currently available. These jobs are different every day, so they are not for people who cannot handle a constantly changing work environment. You come into contact with passenger service agents every time you visit Heathrow Airport, as they are responsible for getting you onto your plane on time and in a safe manner. Officially, these jobs call for you to check visas and passports, weigh and tag bags and answer any questions that are asked of you, but this usually end up entailing so much more than you expect. Officially, you will be an employee of BAA or one of the outsourcing companies, so you will have to pass a criminal record check before being considered for employment.

While it might not be the perfect career for everyone, passenger service agent jobs at Heathrow are great for those who like variety in their lives. You will run into stressful situations, but it is well worth it when you can improve someone’s day. If you feel as though you have the right type of personality to meet, greet and help people from all over the world, applying for one of these jobs should be a high priority in your life.

What will I be earning?

Your salary begins at £7.20 per hour, but you can work your way up to £8.72 per hour after the first 12 weeks. Your shifts will vary greatly, so you should be prepared to work between 04:00 and 00:00 whenever the company needs you. Working as an passenger service agent is also a great way to making a career as an cabin crew member at an UK airliner.

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Passenger Service Agent Jobs

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