Security Officer jobs at London Heathrow Airport

Security Officer jobs at London Heathrow Airport

A Security Officer job at London’s Heathrow airport is a varied task as they help to make sure the airport is not only safe for the thousands of passengers that pass through the airport each day but for their fellow co-workers as well.

A Security Officer may be given the duty of checking a passenger’s travel documents and boarding pass, while another two officers check a traveller’s carry-on and what they may have on them using an X-ray machine and a metal detector.

If the metal detector should light up and beep, the passenger will be subjected to a pat down before being allowed to proceed. The same thing goes for their carry-on luggage. If the Security Officer operating the X-ray machine sees something they find suspicious the bag will be taken aside and searched thoroughly by another member of the security staff.

As the vast majority of passengers are clued up on what you are allowed to take with you on an aircraft these days, a key role for the security team is to understand a passenger’s needs and how they can better provide a professional, courteous service that avoids any unnecessary delays.

Besides working at the security checkpoint, Officers routinely walk around the Terminal to make sure that the building is secure and that any potential risks are immediately taken care of. In the case of an emergency Security Officer will offer assistance in any way they can.

Just like a small city London Heathrow Airport is diverse, fast thinking and always moving forward as it seeks to retain its place as Britain’s number one airport.

The company mission of Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd is to provide passengers with the best possible service available in the world today. As a Security Officer, you will play a key role in our success, by taking pride in your job, while at the same time delivering exceptional service.

Heathrow Airport Security Officers are expected to be warm and courteous to all passengers as they go about their daily duties, reporting back to Security Managers any misgivings or concerns they may have.

Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd recognise and value the contributions our employee’s make towards our success  and in return offer competitive wages with a great benefits package that includes an employee assistance programme, private healthcare, pension and travel offers.

As an employer, Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd understands that many people joining us today view the job as a long-term career, which is why we offer a wide range of classes and development prospects to help you advance within the company.

As a Security Officer working for Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd, you can expect to earn £22.5K plus benefits, rising to £32,000 after several years of service.



Reading reviews of present and past security employees at Heathrow Airport you are left with the impression that overall the salary is good and that the balance between work and home life is not bad either.

One big positive that we can take away from this, is that all the employee’s feel as though they have a very secure job for as long as they want it.

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