Heathrow security jobs

Heathrow security jobs

If you have great customer service skills and an ability to communicate with people, along with a good physique, getting one of the many Heathrow security jobs is perfect for you.

Who will I be working for?

Heathrow Airport, your potential future employer, is the world’s busiest airport. Very much Britain’s gateway to the rest of the world, Heathrow services over 65 million passengers every year, and flies to over 180 destinations, encompassing over 90 countries. Clearly, you’ll be challenged and busy in your new role.

What kind of work will I be doing?

Your job will involve myriad tasks, such as searching passengers, helping to control access to restricted areas or even operating a scanning machine. You will, in your job, become the face of Heathrow Airport. Desired attributes are, therefore, professionalism, a friendly disposition and an efficient manner of working. It is also desired that you, as an employee, are always ready to react to the situation at hand, always work to high standards and that you have experience in dealing with customers.

Specific responsibilities include:

– Screening people, vehicles and items using x-ray machines.
– Checking ID and/or travel documents.
– Patrolling terminals and other areas to ensure security.
– Assisting in any emergencies that may arise.
– Helping people with any questions regarding the airport.
– Recording any incidents.

What is required from me?

When recruiting people for Heathrow security jobs, the airport looks for people who have full-colour vision, are able to stand for long periods of time, and have generally good physical movement, pass security checks, and be fluent in all aspects of English. Heathrow security jobs are also intended for the type of person who can make suggestions, use ingenuity to improve work areas, challenge oneself, and meet and exceed the expectations of passengers.

Your job can take place on either a full or part time on a shift basis. Full time employees work on average 40 hours per week, whereas those who work part time work for 20 hours per week (this includes breaks). Employees must be able to work at London Heathrow. Included as part of your job package will be uniform and generous company benefits.

At Heathrow, the outlook is ‘making every journey better’, and if you take one of the Heathrow security jobs, you’d be a significant part of this, integral to helping to convince people to continue to choose to fly through Heathrow. It’s one of the most challenging but rewarding Heathrow Airport jobs.

What will I be earning?

As to the financial reward, it is most certainly sizable. Aside from the skills gained, the generous company benefits and the interesting and challenging work, you would, as a future employee, be compensated well. For a full time employee, wages are £21,666 per annum including benefits, which, when considered, shows how exciting an opportunity Heathrow security jobs are!

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